Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Arbor protection

 Good evening dear Blogger friends. This time of the month is always hectic for me: in the farm office; with my  marketing business and with my online and venue based Weigh-Less groups. And it goes without saying that the accommodation keeps me occupied as well. 

Right now, my dear Thandiwe is on her annual leave so I am cleaning after guests and preparing for new guests.

However, I am making it my business to take photos on my travels and as always, on the walk which Skabby and I enjoy daily here on the farm.

Last week I waited at The Bunker gate for the guests to check out. As I sat in the car, I looked down at the avenue of trees which surrounds the whole estate on which the Bunker is situated. 

I'm still trying to establish whether these giant connifers are indigenous to South Africa. But whatever, they are the best protection against the elements and noise and dust. 

Protection provided by the trees, right around the estate 


  1. Thank you for blogging during your busy time. That wall of conifers is impressive.

  2. I can see those coming in handy on windy days.

  3. Nice to have big hedges of trees.


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