Monday, September 27, 2021

Hedges household and farm animals

 Dear Blogger friends. As always, life is peaceful and restful for the furry tenants in the Hedges household. Skabby and I still get to walk even while I was nursing a gammy leg (which is healed now, Praise God) and I take photos as always.

At the start of our walk, I was amazed to see one calf preening aa younger calf
Let's see if you need a diaper change 
All good and well with both calves! 
Meeting up with the dry herd going out to graze for the day
James, the herdsman, names each animal and when they stray, he calls and they react immediately! I was fascinated! 

Skabby after his swim in the dam
Missy sitting very neatly on the step! 
Mama is a mere blur as she races off before Missy divebombs her 

Chappie at her hobbie ! 



  1. Hello Jo,
    I love seeing the cattle, the calves are adorable. Cute photos of Skabby and the sweet kitties. Take care, enjoy your day and the week ahead.

  2. if i could walk this with you, i don't know if Skabby or the cows would make me happier. a close tie. I would love to see and hear the herd and the herdsman

  3. Can I call my two cattle neighbors a herd? ;) I like all your furry tenants.


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