Saturday, September 4, 2021

Green shoots for the dry herd

 Once again, Skabby and I have managed to get out on our walk every day except Tuesday. I explained to him that with a morning in the office, having to clean the Bunker after walk-in guests who stayed from Sunday night, and then off to my Weigh-Less group in town, and he didn't seem to mind. Dogs are so understanding. 

Today I stopped to photograph the dry cows, several half-grown calves and some tiny calves. These cows are still going to be used in the dairy. They were enjoying the juicy green grass which has emerged after the field was burnt last month and also after last week's rain and sleet. 

I'm working alone at The Bunker while Thandi is on her annual leave of three weeks

Getting out onto the farm road today, I noticed how green everything is becoming. And that the cows were certainly enjoying these succulent new grass shoots. 

Peaceful scenes on the farm

Once again, the half-grown calves showed great interests in Skabby
Here they are gazing at him running along the road  (below) 
Life is so exciting for a young Labrador 
I can't work out if this calf belongs to the black cow (whom it stayed near to) or the cow on the right whom it resembles! 
Here is an almost white calf 

Back home in the garden, I wandered around taking photos of the flowering shrubs now bursting into bloom.
The jasmine creeper on my fence is beautiful and smells divine 
The banksia rose shrub always provides a golden show in spring 

Tecamaria encourages the sunbirds to visit my garden

My Buddleja - a bumble bee just visible in the photo - it flew off before I could photograph 

This shrub has become a giant feature at my fence 

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  1. Hello Jo,
    Skabby is a good dog, he is a handsome dog! I love seeing the cattle, the calves are so cute. Your shrubs and flowers are beautiful. I wish I could grow the Jasmine creeper here. The Banksia rose is lovely. Great series of critter photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend! PS, thank you for the comment on my blog.

  2. The bumble bee is a neat capture and I love seeing the cows and calves! Have a good weekend! Hope you get your walks in with Skabby!

  3. Love seeing your Spring as ours gathers momentum.

  4. I enjoyed seeing the cows and calves! Beautiful flowers too
    Hope you are having a great weekend!

  5. they are beautiful, my love to Skabinga, he is looking so beautiful

  6. Grazing cows always seem to have that peaceful effect on people. Lovely photos.

  7. The cows must find Skabby perplexing.

  8. Dogs are very forgiving. I love to spring blooms coming to your garden as I sit shivering in front of a heater in the morning. Temps are still hot here later in the day.


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