Thursday, September 16, 2021

The plot thickens

 Dear Blogger friends. I seem to stay out of trouble for months on end. Then I hurt myself and the problems just magnify!

When I hurt my rib, I obviously also initiated an injury in my left leg - the same side as the rib; the same side which took the brunt of trying to move the monster couch two weeks ago! My leg held out for ten days; then while walking along the farm road with Skabby on Thursday, and as I put my left leg forward I felt a burning sensation in my shin. 

Oh dear...

As I had said last week, I rested from Friday afternoon until Sunday morning to heal my rib. Well, the shin was so painful. I had no option but to rest the leg at the same time. 

Mornings were fine. I felt a twinge but pushed through the pain. By 5pm, my shin was on fire and I would have to rest (leg elevated for 15 minutes before continuing with my tasks. 

On Tuesday, I could take no more so I drove to the next town to my doctor. He knows left leg well. LOL! In December 2018, I was attacked by 11 dogs in my neighbor's yard. Three bit me badly and the neighbors rushed me to this doctor late on a Sunday night. His quick and professional stitching and antibiotic injections as well as a tetanus jab that night saved my leg. I spent two weeks with my leg elevated; the local nurse, a good friend of mine, removed the stitches and pronounced the wound completely healed. 

My leg survived that trauma.

Last August, I cut my leg open, neglected to have it seen to . It caused a hematoma for which I had to have surgery. And spent six weeks with my leg elevated with a professional nurse dressing the wound twice a week.

My leg survived that trauma!

Now, when I thought it was only a cracked rib I had to deal with, my leg decided it wanted a show in and sustained an injury. 

The doctor scanned my leg and announced that I had torn a muscle: the flexor digitorum longus. After the scan, he showed me illustrations in his big doctor's manual. I later Googled it ...

He prescribed anti-inflammatory meds which seem to help already. 

The torn muscle which I am resting now

I had to chuckle: while my doctor is very pleasant he's not the jovial sort. While he was scanning the leg area and showing me the distortion on the screen, I said: It will be one for the books, if one day I go to my grave with this leg intact. (I have a macabre sense of humor at times) He looked at me and then burst out laughing. 

Today I have my weekly Weigh-Less meeting in the Valley. I also have a couple arriving at The Bunker this weekend to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. So I'll pop into my unit and add fresh fruit,  chocolates and a card. I also have ten guests arriving at my family accommodation so I will go up and add soaps and toiletries to the bathrooms. 

Then I will return home, lie on my bed with my leg elevated until Sunday morning when I clean The Bunker after the guests have checked out. 

You all take care now. Don't follow my silly ways of causing hassles when it wasn't necessary! 


  1. Hello Jo,
    I am sorry to hear about your leg, a tear in the muscle sounds painful. It is amazing you injured and still go on like the energizer bunny. Take care, sending healing prayers. Have a good week ahead.

  2. So sorry to hear about your latest mishap. Skabby will be sad to hear the latest news. Wishing you a fast and healthy recovery. Be careful!!

  3. Oh you poor dear. Or should I say 'poor leg'! It really has been through a lot. Please try to take good care Jo. Hugs. xx

  4. So sorry Jo - I can feel your pain because I have a similar issue going on right now - in my right leg! Hope you heal quickly - I may have to get a doctor to check mine if it continues to hurt so much and restrict movement.
    Take care.
    Hugs, Mary -

  5. Oh No, I am so sorry to hear this. Please rest and heal.


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