Friday, September 10, 2021

To vac or not to vac

Oh dear me. There are so many theories in South Africa on why NOT to be vaccinated against Covid-19. One is, "I know of someone whose uncle had the vaccination and died the next day." Or "I have heard of people who are vaccinated and still contracted the virus."Well, I live on a farm, a small family community and we all have had the vaccination Me and the older folk have had the Pfizer and the second jab. The younger farmer and his wife, headmistress of the local school (both aged 50 plus) have had the Johson and Johnson injection. Their daughters are both teachers and had the vaccination at school.

On 29th May I went to Estcourt hospital and had my first vaccination shot. No side effects. I was due for the second one 43 days later. However on the due date, our beautiful province, Kwa - Zulu Natal was in the grip of horrific and destructive looting and unrest and we were all urged to stay home. Ten days later, I had my second vaccination shot which I posted about here on Blogger. 

After my first jab, I decided to pay my brother, Phillip a visit on a farm where he lives just outside town. As I walked into his house, I said I had just been for my first Covid vaccination; has he had his? He said no; the other people living on the same farm have been very vocal about how dangerous the vaccination is. One result of being inoculated was that you could get dementia. I said, never mind: I will come and live with you and we can both be ga-ga together. I urged him to go for his vaccination which he promised he would do. 
After my first vaccination at Estcourt hospital end May 2021 
My brother Phillip and I when he promised to be vaccinated 

I hadn't heard from my brother again in the following months. Last Friday he phoned me. He was waiting for an ambulance to collect him and take him to the Life Hospital in the city. He had tested positive for Covid. He said he had had both his injections but none of his neighbors have had theirs. One of them caught Covid and passed it onto him.

Long story short; he arrived at the hospital that afternoon. The doctor visited him and said half the battle is already won because Phillip has had the jab. He was put on a drip. No oxygen and no ventilators. He will be discharged tomorrow and sent home where he has to remain for the remainder of the isolation period.
I  worried about my 74 year old brother, who had caught Covid. But always confident that he will pull through. Which he has...

Meanwhile, last week in the farm office, I stupidly tried to move a very heavy sofa from the wall. I didn't manage to budge the sofa, but heard a cricking sound under my left arm and realized I had hurt something. Somewhere in the region of my ribs. 

I visited the clinic sister in our pharmacy store. She asked me what happened and when I described how I had tried to move the sofa in my work office, she looked up at me with a puzzled expression. So I repeated my story saying I had moved a heavy CHAIR in my work office. Happily she penned the referral letter for me to take to the hospital to have the area x-rayed.  

I had the x-rays and the young lady doctor said I had cracked a rib. She also said that the modern idea was not to strap you up. You had to rest and the rib would heal itself. 


I have not rested yet.  Last weekend I cleaned The Bunker and came home to do the laundry and subsequently had to iron same. 

At home, I have to keep my space livable in Thandi's absence and with three cats and a boisterous Labrador, it's a challenge to keep my little cottage clean. I have also had to continue with Weigh-Less groups in town, in the Valley and online. 

Thursday I finished with my week's work and started to relax. I am experiencing pain which I believe is because I have not yet rested. I will continue to rest until Sunday morning when I have to clean The Bunker after my guests have checked out. 

Monday it's back to work in the farm office. 

I firmly believe with three days rest and relaxation, this errant old rib should be healed and I will be pain free again. 

The irony of this injury is: two years ago in August, I was diagnosed with the dread disease, cancer; I  had surgery and all was pronounced clear. Last year in August I fell off a small step while reaching up to the top of my wardrobe (closet), chopped my leg open and had to have surgery to remove a hematoma. 

August this year, I held my breath not to injure myself or contract any disease. I injured myself on 1 September! 

You never can tell...

Have a great day, everyone. 


  1. The "I've heard that" excuse where vaccinations is concerned dismays me.

    Get plenty of rest. I've had broken ribs.

  2. Oh my goodness! You have been through it with your brother and your rib injury. I'm so glad you advised Phillip to get his shots because that clearly helped him when he did get Covid. I think there is a saying that bad luck comes in 3s so you have no passed 3x of injury in August/September so hope that is now the end of sickness and injury. God bless. Hugs. xx

  3. You have certainly had some achy adventures.Hope the rest of the year is injury free!

  4. I am sorry about your rib - I believe it can be VERY painful.
    Rest up while you can.
    And I am very glad that your vaccinated brother is recovering well.

  5. Hello, Jo
    I hope your cracked rib is healing, sounds painful. I am glad all is well with your brother and he will recover too. Take care and stay safe! Have a great day and happy weekend!

  6. What a story, seems you must do injury the same time each year no matter. so glad you were able to continue to work and not miss any of your income. hope your helper comes home soon. so glad your brother listened and got the jab... might have been a not happy ending if not...

  7. Hi Jo, keep safe and try to take it easy. Hope the rib heals fast. Take care!!!!

  8. Oh dear you have had a time. Its a shame that you can't rest for longer. You must look after yourself.

  9. Good Lord lady, you just never slow down. Glad your brother is ok. Last winter I either cracked or bruised a rib. Mostly hurt when I laughed or coughed. Took months to heal. Be careful please.


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