Wednesday, September 15, 2021


 Continuing with my Wednesday post theme of images which are symmetrical and draw the eye to a point ahead, I stopped at a local restaurant nestled under the majestic Champagne Castle and Cathkin Peaks. I was delivering beauty products to the receptionist.

Leaving the office, the walkway to a thatched building in the middle of the dam, caught my eye. It was in this building that Grant and I attended the dedication service of our precious granddaughter, Bethany (now 12!) in 2009.  And where, many years later, in December 2017,  we had Grant's memorial service. 

It's phenomenal how these memories pop into my head when I capture places with my camera. 

The eye is drawn to the end of this image
Turning around from taking photos of the bridge, I snapped the interesting reflection of the retaining wall behind me


  1. Beautiful - and I love the reflection shot.

  2. So different from what we see here.

  3. Beautiful memories and great memories I am sure. Hope all is well, keep safe, Diane

  4. Memories are built in so many places with and without the people in our lives. Sometimes the memories are good and sometimes not but if we are fortunate to have our brains still working well, there are always memories. May your memories be good ones and sustain you through the years ahead with great joy. Hugs my dear friend. xx


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