Monday, November 23, 2009

Container Progress

A year ago, John (the gardener) and I decided to revamp our container garden. (see here) This (above) is what one of the containers looked like...

and this is what it looks like now


  1. Looks good you two. What an amazing difference. You must have been feeding those plants something good.

  2. You and your gardner are cordially invited to come and revamp my garden any time you like. Your pot looks lovely and lush.
    Time for a little brag session. Our daughter and partner featured in a magazine article today.See here:

    Bill's Ponderings

  3. Ware groen vingers! Hope you still enjoy your trip through all the countries!!

  4. Hi Gaelyn;) Yes, lots of love and sunshine was fed to them.

    diane;) once again CONGRATULATIONS! Your sil is famous, wow, and as I said before; your daughter is stunning. I'm sure you're the proud mum. John (gardener) and I will be over on the next plane. (lol!)

    Dankie Ida! Ons is terug - besigheids verpligtinge het geroep (>:

  5. Jo: What beautiful flowers you have in the container, they must bring joy to you when you see them.


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