Sunday, November 8, 2009

Clarice goes to Hospital

Great excitement when we brought Clarice back from the hospital. The dogs, especially wanted to know all about her stay...
Last week I noticed that one of our cats, Clarice didn't get up for breakfast. When I walked in with the bowls of food, she merely lifted her head from the stool where she was lying, looked at me without interest, and placed her head on her paws again.

I let her be, thinking she may have eaten too many birds or mice (she is the family hunter!) But that evening when I served her favourite cookies, she still remained on her chair without moving.

I spoke to my husband about this, and he suggested I phone the vet to see it we could get an appointment. Dr Anne (our family vet for the cats) told me to bring Clarice in as soon as we could. We did and even though the vet examined Clarice thoroughly, she couldn't find anything wrong with her. She said that Clarice was quite dehydrated and asked if we could leave her there in the hospital for the weekend. (which is what we did)

When I phoned on Sunday morning, Sonja the vet's assistant told me that Clarice was on a drip, and quite comfortable but still not eating anything. This continued until Monday when Dr Anne phoned and told me that she had sent blood samples away but nothing untoward has been found.

On Tuesday we collected Clarice and brought her home. She is on a course of antibiotics, vitamins and tonic but we are still none the wiser as to what the problem was. She seems to be bouncing back to being her old self although she has not been far afield in the garden yet. She is still lying near the back door in the sun for most of the day.

I pray that whatever her malady was, it is over now.

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  1. Glad Clarice is home--and I hope that she continues to improve. One never knows when it comes to animals, do we????


  2. Sending all my good thoughts to you and Clarice.
    Get better, Kitty!

  3. I hope that Clarice is well on the mend by now - if only they could talk, hey ?! xx

  4. I hope Clarice continues to recover. Cut pic of the other animals gathering around.


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