Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Eddy

When we walk the dogs on the golf course, Eddy takes the long way around. She is the white speck in the distance having been to the farmer's field along the golf course boundary and back again!
Eddy comes running as she hears my husband's whistle

Eddy the Energetic comes hurtling along!

Eddy had a contemplative look about her. Here she is acting as though she is not interested in the water, but will shortly pounce on an unsunspecting frog or tadpole

Whenever our granddaughter asks how old Eddy is, I tell her, "She is your age, darling." Then she says "Oh, so Eddy is 6 and a half, GranJo"
Eddy originally started off being John and Debbie's dog. Why I remember her age, is that she was spayed on Wednesday 26th March 2003 when she was 6 months old and was brought to my home to convalesce after her operation.

That night, John received from Debbie (who was waiting in Durban to give birth to our first grandchild, aforementioned granddaughter) that she had gone into labour.) Now Durban is 550km / 344 miles from my home town, Marquard. I don't even want to think of what speed limits my son broke that night, because he made the trip in less than three hours. Nevertheless, our precious granddaughter was born the next morning and they returned to Marquard four days later. This was the first time I clapped eyes on our beautiful first grandchild, but that's another story altogether.

Eddy went back home and lived with Debbie and John until they left town for Kwa Zulu Natal in October 2008. Although they took Eddy with them, she was not happy being part of the pack of Jack Russels at YWAM where our family was doing a discipleship course. You can read about this here.

In December they brought her back and she has been living with us ever since.

Eddy is an excellent ratter; in fact we watched her catching a rat in the rough on the golf course last week. (I didn't have my camera with me that day - shows: always have your camera with you! lol!) She is also the epitome of the perfect dog. She looks like a dog in an animal story book. I think she could act in a movie about animals!

Eddy had to be chastised for chasing the cats when she first came to live with us. She is quite good now. My cats have taken her measure and don't awaken the "cat-chasing" instinct in her by running across the yard. Instead, they stroll by calmly past and she ignores them completely.(I mean, what's so exciting about a fat black cat sauntering across the patio, mmm?)

Eddy is the most energetic dog I have ever seen. Last week, while Angie and Megan sauntered along to the dam (see my post yesterday) Eddy, dashed off into the wide blue yonder. She only returned when my husband whistled sharply for her to return.

Eddy LOVES my garden ponds, spending many hours gazing into the water for frogs and tadpoles. She has anhiliated quite a few unfortunate amphibians already.

Nevertheless, we all love Eddy and she seems to love us all in return. She has settled into the Hedges Pet Hotel with ease and she and Angie are inseperabe. We wish her many more years with us.

Happy birthday, Eddy!


  1. Eddy sounds like she has Daisy-like exuberance. Nothing makes me smile more quickly than a playful, loving pup. Happy birthday to Eddy.

  2. So cute. How wonderful.Happy birthday Eddy!
    Great shots Jo.



  3. Happy birthday, Eddy! You look lovely and so young for your age!

  4. Eddy sounds like a wonderful dog. So nice she has all those ponds to explore and the big wide open places to run. Wish our dog had those things. Didn't know dogs go after rats--eww! I thought that was just a cat thing. Glad she gets along with your kitties. Our dog pretty much ignores our cats too, just attracted to their poop but think we solved the problem.

    Here's our solution:

  5. Aren't doggie friends just the best? Happy Birthday Eddy!

  6. Eddy says: Thanks everyone for the kind birthday wishes. I love my mum's blogger friends. They're all so complimentary...


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