Thursday, November 5, 2009

Another Grandchild...

Our other precious grandchild by imitates my husband when he hunkered down to chat to him

Aha! That got you thinking that we had MORE news about MORE babies. But no, this is one of our other two grandchildren. On Monday I took this snap of my house lady, Emily's 18-month-old grandson. He always accompanies his mum, Erica who comes in to help her mother with ironing that day. You can read more about my wonderful and loyal Emily here.


  1. Another cute kid! They keep life interesting, don't they?

  2. Cute post, Jo.... You had me wondering. Little Emily is just precious!!!!


  3. Hello there Jo'
    What a wonderful surprise to find a SOUTH AFRICAN comment on Max's blog. I have been waiting for over a year to find a South AFrican person (in bloggie-land) who might share the same interests.
    Thank you for coming visiting...and as a result...we are visiting you.
    (To answer your question, we are in Randburg. Where are you?) If you would like to email, you can contact me via

    Nice to meet you! Caryl

  4. Thanks Janie and Betsy;) they are all so precious, I agree!

    Hi Caryl;) Not sure whether you'll check back in here on comments, but I welcome you to my blog! I'll pop over to you again shortly.


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