Friday, November 6, 2009

No Blue Sky

We are not experiencing many days of sunlessness. It rains regularly and the sun comes out again, in the bluest sky imaginable.

However, this particular day, featured above, we did have a dull day. I decided to share this photo of part of my garden and a cloudy sky with you.

For more skies around the world, click here.


  1. Even if your sky is cloudy---your garden is gorgeous. Since you are in Spring, everything there looks so green. Things here are getting BROWN.


  2. Thanks for your warm comment, Jo!
    Unfortunately, Internet wasn't with me today so I couldn't see your picture. I'll come back later.

    Warm greetings,

  3. Your garden is lovely, Jo, even with a gray sky above it

  4. You have a beautiful garden. There are so many flowers! And, in my opinion, it looks pretty sunny there.

    Have a great weekend, Hugs!

  5. Hey there, Jo
    That Golden Gate photo looks familiar :) and yes, we are also having wonderful weather.
    Thank you for your email this morning - we did a full virus check and found nothing, so Im not sure what went wrong. Hope its all ok your end.
    Luv Caryl

  6. Your lovely garden brightens even the cloudless sky. Beautiful green pathway between the beds.

  7. It is a lovely photo, it doesn't need a blue sky.

  8. The sky may be gray but your garden is sure colorful.


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