Sunday, November 1, 2009

Angie Goes for a Swim

Angie strikes out for the far side of the dam!

On Friday we took the dogs and children for a walk on the golf course. The dam, which has filled up considerably from last week's rain, was too tempting for a Labrador. This is the first time Angie has ever been in deep water. As she began to strike out in a doggie paddle and make for the other side of the dam, my husband gave a sharp whistle. She turned and swam back to shore. When I asked him why he had called her, he said she might have gotten into trouble and he knew he'd be the one who'd have to rescue her...

Oopsie, here I come

Whoa, what a lovely shake!

(If you click on the image to enlarge, you will see the glee in Angie's expression and water droplets flying around)

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  1. What fun for Angie! My own retriever loves water and can swim I don't think you need to worry!

  2. I'm sure that Angie is a capable swimmer. But I can understand your DH's concern.
    Hope your having a lovely weekend.

  3. Oh, yes, great fun for Angie! Our dog, Mojo, loves to swim in the ocean and play fetch. She's amazing, too!

    Have a great week

    Sylvia, Sam and Mojo

  4. I understand his concern for it being her first time in the water. I would be very nervous too if our dog started swimming across such a big water place. I don't kow if she's a swimmer or not.

  5. That's lovely! Sheba had an aha-experience last night. We were out late and we came to the seasonal lakes where they dig out mud during the dry season to make bricks. The water is really deep, about 6 m, but despite warnings, Sheba plunged right in. I was prepared she would, and prepared I'd have to jump into the muddy water if things ever came to that, but I already knew then that she was a capable swimmer. I just wasn't sure if she'd get up on the steep side again. But she did. She did stay out of that seasonal lake after that and refused to go back in. The kids saw us and told us of a smaller lake that was safe. Upon invitation, Sheba launched into the safe lake and had a blast. I think she's learned now that not all lakes are shallow, and so she watches her step. The horses do too. As soon as they know how to swim (or rather, as soon as owners know they can swim), their world expands so much! I hope Angie gets to enjoy water a lot, for Sheba certainly loves it!

  6. Angie and Eddy are both lucky dogs to live with you folks, and each other. It's such a treat to have these types of faithful companions around. Happy birthday Eddy.


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