Sunday, November 1, 2009


This is the scene of the golf course dam which a week ago was a mere puddle. We have had wonderful rains in the Free State this summer, which is good for the farmers and gardeners alike!

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  1. I hope we can see many places other part of wörld.Best wishes.

  2. Lovely calm shot. Blow some of those rain clouds over here please.

  3. Looks like a serene place. Like the reflections in the water.

  4. Lovley shot and a pretty reflection.

  5. So peaceful... When I talked about my water-loving dog, I meant Oscar, my golden retriever... the one you saw in the pics!

  6. It's great to hear you are receiving much needed rains! The lake is looking well satisfied after a good long drink.

  7. Wonderful scenery, and beautiful capture..

  8. Hi Ilhami Uyar;) yes, it's wonderful that we can visit other parts of the world through blogger. Thanks for visiting.

    Hi diane;) I wish I could send you some rain...

    Hi Lindy;) it is a serene place. Thanks for your kind comments

    Hi eileen;) thanks - it is pretty,not so...

    Hi Stine;) thanks for visiting

    Hi Ladyfi;) Oh, I'm glad your handsome Oscar is the one in the autumn photos.

    Thanks Doane Legacy. And thanks for popping in.

  9. What a pretty seasonal lake. Beautiful reflections. Lots of tranquility there.


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