Monday, December 13, 2010

Garden Club Party

Can you remember what you did on the weekend of 11-12 December? You never know when you may need an alibi! Gattina of Writers Cramps hosts the meme "What did you do this weekend?" Do pop in there and add your link to share you weekend activities with other bloggers.

Our weekend was restful; it rained intermittantly and apart from spending a lot of time outside - when the sun was out- walking Shadow the Cat, (yes, *sigh*he's still on a leash), I also attended the Garden Club Christmas party. As a member, I could invite a guest and I invited two: my younger daughter-in-law, Amanda who lives down the road from us and a newly-wed Irish girl who loves gardening.

The Garden Party was held in the stunnningly spectacular gardens of a farmer's wife, Paula. There aren't enough adjectives to describe her garden (her home is just as beautiful) so I tried to do it justice by taking as many photographs as possible to share with you all.

Paula's beautiful garden is mainly exotic and endemically Free State. The connifers and perennial shrubs which are exotics, thrive in our area and are very popular in the local gardens. Paula has shaped hers to form a rather formal, yet very pretty backdrop to the rolling lawns and well-filled, beautifully tended flower beds
As I mentioned in my garden post on Saturday, a garden should consist of many rooms. This garden has a variety of rooms, each one more restful and beautiful than the last

More rolling lawns edged by beds filled with Tulbaghia (Wild Garlic) and Abelia cut into shapes

Wandering through Paula's garden, you have the urge to explore every nook and cranny
Another "green" corridor linking one garden room with another 
A local farmer and businessman demonstrated the organic compost/fertilizer which his family produces on their farm

He also brought along his worm farm
The ladies were very intrigued by the working of the worms in the plastic box
 Amanda, Marquard grandson and me at the Garden Club Christmas party

For more on what people did over the weekend, click here


  1. Paula has a fantastically beautiful garden! It was a very peaceful cyber-tour that you led me through. It looks like all of you had a lovely time there. I love the 3-generational photo. You have a beautiful family, Jo!

    Summer is just around the corner for you now, isn't it! We're freezing cold here.

  2. A splendid garden. I love the shot of you, dil and grandson. You look si trim, fit and healthy. Must be all that running up those stairs in Sudan. I have a similar hairstyle too.

  3. Dear Jo,greetings from Turkey,İf you want to be happy,you must cultivate in your garden.İn my opinion gardening must be very enjoyable.Thank you for sharing.With my best wishes.

  4. Hi Jo, Love that last picture of you and your grandbaby and his Mama....

    That garden is gorgeous --but it's not any prettier than yours. There may be more 'grass' --but you have a beautiful garden....


  5. Beautiful gardens. Yet I think yours are every bit as nice.

    I met a guy running a B&B just west of PE who had green houses and raised worms and made worm tea for watering.

    Nice to see a pic of you beautiful ladies out with the grandson.

  6. Wow that looks almost like a park ! With my practical sense I wonder how many gardeners are needed to entertain this beauty ! I wouldn't have looked at the worms, yikes, Pookie likes to play with them !
    What a very nice picture of the 3 generations !

  7. Love the garden! Oh your shot are great. It rained here also throughout the weekend.
    The family looks like they had so much fun.Love the smiles.

  8. Uitstekende fotografie en skryfwerk, Vriendin!! xx

  9. Spectacular garden yet so simple and calm. You, daughter and baby are adorable together.

  10. Sounds lovely and everything looks so green and vibrant! Here is quickly turning white and cold!


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