Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Summer Garden 2010

All things...
...and beautiful

All creatures...




As I sit and type up this post, the greenery on the far side of this pond is alive with birds. Many eat the pods and seeds on the various shrubs, or the weavers collect strips of fronds from the papyryus plants for their nest building projects. Mousebirds, white-eyes, queleas, sparrows, barbets and bulbuls jostle each other for a drink or a bath under the waterfall  Starlings, robin-chats, thrushes and doves, prance around on the rocks around the pond having a drink or looking for food (see photo below) 

Tecomaria capensis (Cape Honeysuckle) a rewarding indigenous perennial
Lagerstromia indica (Pride of India),  exotic and beautiful all through the summer
A garden should consist of many rooms with green corridors linking them (top three photos; also images above and below) This is not only ascetically pleasing and relaxing for humans; birds also like the security and  safety of these "tunnels" and move freely through the garden in them
Wandering between the apricot trees (right) and the Pepper tree on the left
A garden for all to enjoy
The perfect spot for family entertainment and Al Fresco meals

Gardening is therapeutic and inspirational, to say the least. I love my garden and as a family of adults, children and pets, we enjoy the garden immensely. Over the past ten days I've had so many comments from countries in the Northern Hemisphere. Everyone has told me how nice it is to "visit" in my sunny garden while the weather is so harsh in their country. So I decided to share yet some more photos of my garden and hope you enjoy the tour. Be sure to tune in again on Monday for one more gardening episode!


  1. I enjoyed the tour as well even though I am in the southern hemisphere where it is warm but not sunny. It is raining so much that I can't work in the garden and it is like a jungle. The rooms in my garden are accessed by brown pathways so I don't have to tend the grass,

  2. Thanks for joining me, diane. With all the rain in Oz, is your water level rising for the times when drought strikes again? I hope so. A good tip I saw in the Drakensberg at the Backpackers lodge we visited two weeks ago, was straw/hay on the pathways. Have a great weekend. Jo

  3. Brilliant post!
    Your blog is a lovely inspiration for us!
    ** I'm also enchanted by the kitties, they are adorable!My kitty Luna came with us from Brazil and now she is living here in Luxembourg!
    Thanks for your kind words in our Bonjour Luxembourg!
    hugs and a blessed week ahead

  4. Wow Jo you have a special home - beautiful garden - and so many birds ... I love the comings and goings of birds in my garden, many of them appearing seasonally ...



  5. Pragtige 'post'! Jou collage sal my help om voëls beter te identifiseer. En ek het nooit gedink 'n slak kan so mooi lyk op 'n foto nie!! (((Ida)))

  6. Wow Jo, you're some gardener. I've much enjoyed looking at your fauna and flora, and lovely pictures. Thank you.

  7. That is such a beautiful garden. It's a pleasure to see all of the plants and creatures. Very nice reflections too.

  8. You have a beautiful garden - lovely photos. My winter garden is boring, as everything's dormant and there's no snow to make it look pretty. And even in the summer all we have is native grasses, except for a small landscaped area. It's too dry here to do much.

  9. Great post, Jo! Your gardens and yard are lovely. And you have pretty birds visiting also. The photos are great, thanks for sharing. I like seeing birds from around the world.

  10. It's a beautiful canvas! Filled with awesome colors! My mom loved plants and flowers. I don't think I inherited her "green thumb" :)

    Blessings to you sister and same here, I'm grateful to have met you and be blessed by your journey! Thank you.

  11. I so enjoyed wandering through the green corridors of your garden, Jo. You have done a great job in developing it. You have an eye for beauty!

  12. I love gardens too, as long as I don't have to work in it ! Our garden is a little handkerchief compared to yours, but enough for us to sit outside. I can mow the grass all around are bushes which are trimmed by a gardener twice a year and flowers are only in pots ! It looks nice and I don't have to do a lot, lol !

  13. Wow great, they still beautiful.

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  14. Jo, your garden is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I'll be visiting over & over again to take it all in.


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