Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My world in a nutshell

A small part of my remaining garden which is as large as the one I had next door, except our home and outhouses fill a large portion
One crazy cat with his head through the fence

I am allowing Shadow to meander around the garden without the leash. I still keep and eye on him but he seems to be getting wiser and more confident as the days progress. (Notice how inquisitive he is!)  Perhaps in the New Year I'll be able to trust him to go outside on his own and remain within the garden area!

Eddy slides along on her ear enjoying the thick lawn. Angie keeps watch (no time for frolicking when you're the only dog on guard!)
Megan enjoying a roll on the lawn !
A juvenile Red-Throated wryneck spotted in the garden last week

Two weeks ago I posted about a "lifer" we spotted in the garden: A Red-throated wryneck. You can read about this here. At the moment these brood parasites are very active in the garden much to the distress of the Black- Collared barbets who's nests they're probably using "illegally".

A brood parasite (there are many in the bird world) does not have it's own nest. It lays its egg in another bird's nest which normally has the legal eggs in it, and flies off. The egg hatches before the original eggs and as soon as these hatch, the intruder nestling kicks the other baby birds out of the nest. Tghis bird is then raised by parents who have no idea that have an imposter in their midst. Often the parent birds are also much smaller than the fledgling. Above is a juvenile Red-Throated wryneck which the Black-Collared barbets were dive-bombing in an attempt to frighten it away from their territory. I didn't get a photo of the irate barbets and eventually the wryneck flew off across the neighbour's yard. It was back in the garden again the next day and is still around. I'm not sure whether it bred out in my garden and who raised it.

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  1. Super photos, Jo. Your garden is beautiful, even if it is smaller. Shadow is quite a character, isn't he? I assume he got his head back through the fence safely.
    We're on our way home tomorrow, will be there Wednesday. Dick's daughter says Lindy is fine. We sure do miss her.
    Luv, K

  2. Must be kind of nice to follow the curious Shadow around the garden. Oh yea, and the rest of the crew too.

  3. The garden looks lovely. I learned something new today about the "parasite birds". Very interesting.

  4. Your menagerie of animals are cute. The bird story is interesting we have some that do that.

  5. Great photos, Jo! And what a lovely yard and garden! Always enjoy seeing Shadow exploring the new domain! And I love the doggies! Hope your week is going well. Wishing your and your family and the doggies and cats a very delightful and Merry Christmas!


  6. Lovely photos and what a super garden for your animals to enjoy.

  7. Leer elke keer iets nuuts by jou! ♥ jou byskrifte by jou foto's!! (((Ida)))

  8. The dogs look like they are in heaven enjoying your lovely garden and grassy area. The curious cat hopefully won’t get stuck. The parasite bird is an interesting creation … nature has such a variety of strange twists and methods for creatures to survive. Feel sorry for the original nest builders, though.

  9. Lovely pictures of your garden and the "rolling" dogs, lol ! Shadow is really a funny cat, he will get used, he is clever !

  10. Ooh, this would make a great bird soap opera--the ongoing clashes between the Red-Throated wrynecks and the Black-Collared barbets. It's sort of funny that the wrynecks don't make their own nests...those slackers. I guess it's all part of the curse.

    I love your home, garden, pet and wildlife shots, Jo.

    Have a blessed Christmas with your family.


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