Monday, December 6, 2010

Fun-filled Weekend

On Saturday morning Grant and I travelled to Clocolan, 34 kms from our town to check out a new supermarket. Marquard doesn't have any large supermarkets and most people travel to the city to do their grocery shopping. We were thrilled with the prices and the good service we received at the new OK Foods.

Later on in the afternoon, Amanda and Angus arrived with our dear Marquard grandson who now explores everything in Gran's house. Shadow enjoys having a young playmate around.

Shadow loves having a young playmate around...
 ...and actually "shares" his toys!

Active toddler was here...

On Saturday afternoon, Angus, Amanda and our Marquard grandson joined us for the Ubiquitous braai (BBQ) in the garden

After church on Sunday we were treated to the annual Christmas dinner held in the hall. Because South Africa had successfully hosted the 2010 World Cup Soccer this year, the menu for the dinner yesterday depicted many nations across the world. Our church mission statement includes the scripture, Matthew 28:19a where Jesus says: "Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations..."  As we enjoyed the dishes from various countries, we prayed for those who still need to hear the Good News and the people who are out there ministering to them.

Our ten-month-old Marquard grandson has found his voice and keeps us in stitches with his funny sounds

The menu
Chinese Stir Fry
Indian Curry
Mexican Rice
Cuban Sweet Potato
Greek Salad
Fijian Broccoli Salad
South African Fudge Tart
Spanish Apple Slices

I was one of the ladies who made the Chinese Stir Fry and will post the recipe shortly.

The Cuban Sweet Potato Bread was an interesting and tasty accompaniment to the meal

The beautifully decorated church hall showing many flags of the world

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  1. Great post. I love our grandchildren and the fun they bring into our lives.

  2. Funny to see Shadow watching his new little friend. Our granddaughter, at 12 months, makes lots of cute babbling sounds, so fun to listen to. Surely they're trying to stay something!

  3. It looks like you had a wonderful weekend! Your grandson is a sweetie, and looks like his mom.

    Your church did something I'd like mine to do. How cool to have such a love for all people of the world, as Jesus tells us to.

  4. I love the idea of an international dinner. Attended one at a RV park in Mexico for Christmas. Shadow and Grandson appear to be wonderful playmates.

  5. Oh All that sounds so nice. I love the Church dinner theme.
    Decorating time

  6. I wonder how my cats will react if I have the little Toby crawling around, lol ! Only Arthur supports little children all the others run away ! What a cutie your little grandson ! I am curious to see Toby now on Christmas. We had glaze today, could only drive slowly out of our little streets, but I needed badly some vegetables and other stuff.

  7. Hi Jo, the hall decked out with the international flags looks lovely as was the menu.Your grandson is growing and exploring, opening cupboard doors seems to a a skill they learn very early!I keep some empty cartons/tins with lids of various sizes and they give hours of fun trying to fit one into the other and opening the lids.

  8. What a neat theme and dinner, Jo.... Incredible idea!!!!!

    Your little grandson is growing so fast. Won't be long 'til he is walking....

    Shadow was really watching him!!!!! ha

    Have a great day.

  9. What did we do this weekend, Jo? Well, we spent it in Hawaii. Met fellow blogger Kay (Kay's Musings) and her husband, Art, who gave us a mountaintop tour of Honolulu. Then we flew to Kauai, the garden island. Sunday we went for a helicopter tour of Kauai.
    Same old, same old, you know. LOL
    I love your picture of Shadow with the little guy and the carpet. Such fun for Shadow not to be the baby of the group! I'm sure he can teach a toddler something, like how to go for walks properly. :)
    I got sick yesterday, but managed to go on our planned boat tour today. Dick went snorkeling but I didn't, as I'm all snuffly and congested. NOT a cold, I think, more likely the airconditioning in the little (very little) suite. So I didn't want to try underwater congestion. Saw some dolphins, and, in the distance, a couple of huge whales!
    Going to lie down now.
    Keep those grandbaby pictures coming, Jo.
    Hugs to you and Grant and Shadow.
    Luv, K


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