Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mother Goose

Egyptian goose and goslings

Last week while visiting John, Debbie and our Natal grandchildren in the Drakensberg, Grant and I took the three oldest children out for a milkshake. The restaurant we visited is situated beside a dam with the mountains looming up behind it. While we sat there, a pair of Egyptian geese and their three offspring came out of the water onto the lawn near us. These birds are plentiful in most of South Africa and found near inland water and cultivated fields. The birds mate for life and make their nest on the ground or in old nest of other species, such as the Hamerkop or Pied crow. I knelt on the grass to get photos and the goose hissed a warning. (Doesn't she look fierce?) The gander was in the background and out of this photo. I thought this was a beautifully idyllic scene.

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  1. Fantastic close-up of Mother Goose and her goslings, Jo! I can never get close enough to get a shot of any geese because they run and then fly away when I get within 5 to 6 yards (meters) of them. It is a lovely idyllic setting.

  2. Great picture Jo.... That mama was going to protect her babies.... What a great picture!!!!

  3. She's being a good mother to those adorable little ones.

  4. Beautiful picture! They can be mean, glad you didn't get bit.

  5. Mama goose looks understandably proud and protective of her handsome goslings. A little hissing might scare off the camera lady, she thinks.


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