Sunday, February 6, 2011

Candelabra Trees?

The most prolific tree/shrub I've seen in Kenya is the Euphorbia ingens. In South Africa you would pay a fortune for one of these and once you've planted it in your garden, you'd pray it survives. The mountains behind our camp are full of Euphorbia ingens so I get a beautiful eyeful everytime I look up to them. And...
Not only do I have an Euphorbia in my garden...
I have two!

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  1. It's such an interesting looking tree, Jo. You must ave a green thumb. :)

  2. The candleabra tree looks like something I saw in Mexico. Do they root easily and can you take a piece back home when you go?

  3. When I was a young girl and we'd moved to East London (Eastern Cape) from Zimbabwe (where I was born), we used to visit family who farmed up at the Katberg. The road trip from EL took us through a valley that was densely thicketed with Euphorbias and my father took great joy in reminding us of this each time we passed. Clearly they were among his favourite trees :)

  4. They are just amazing. I've seen them in several places, and I always think, they must be old to be that big?!?
    /Koh-I-Noor, Denmark

  5. A totally unique view for me! Thanks for sharing & happy SS!

  6. Wow, Jo, those are fascinating!
    -- K

  7. It looks like a succulent that one might see in a desert here, but I've never seen one before. Does it get too cold in SA for that tree to survive?

  8. Thanks EGWow, I do have a green thumb and a lovely garden back in South Africa. However, I've only just arrived here in this house last week, so I had nothing to do with growing these Euphorbia. Have a great day.

    Hi Gaelyn, yeah they do look Mexican, don't they? I don't think they'll grow in our area back in the Free State and I think Grant would have a fit if I put a piece of "live" plant in my luggage. SA is quite strict - so I'll have to pass on that! (((Hugs))) Jo

    Hi Desiree, I can just hear your dad saying that repeatedly. I do the same with many things and now the kids (and grands) say You've told us that already. Mmm! Thanks for your continued visits to my blog!

    Hi Koh-I-Noor: Welcome to my blog. I think this is quite a number of years old!

    Hi John, glad to see you regularly here on my blog . thanks for visiting.

    Hi my dearest Kay, thanks for always visiting my blog. Big hug for Lindy not forgetting yourself!

    Hi Pat, yes, it does look like it belongs in a comic strip with cowboys and horses! I don't think it grows in my area back home but it does well in the coastal and warmer regions of South Africa. Bless you my friend.


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