Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend in the city

Can you remember what you did over the weekend of 19-20 February? Gattina of Writer Cramps hosts this fun meme, "What did you do this weekend? " Do pop over there via the link below and see what people all over the world do over the weekend!

My weekend started on Friday morning when I  received a whole batch of beautiful photos of our beautiful one-year-old grandson, Joel. Remember the plastic folders in a binder called Granny's Brag Book? Well, here follows a stack of photos just like I would show you if I used an old-fashioned brag book!

My mommy teaching me my name. I love the kisses too!

My (Jo's) baby with his baby

Amanda's mom's baby with her baby! I wonder what's with the spanner?

Joel's first birthday

Driving my daddy's car is fun!

All above photos by Angus and Amanda Hedges

Back in our beautiful valley in Western Kenya, Grant and I watched the full moon rising over the camp on Friday night. He kept saying it looks like the sun rising!

My first full moon over East Africa

There are three South African men on camp so it went without saying that they'd to watch the first weekend of the  21-week international rugby series SuperRugby together. Sue arranged a braai (BBQ) and salads which Wheatcliffe and Caro served at the guest house and we all enjoyed the evening together. Jacko and Kurmar are from India but they watched the games along with the crazy South Africans,  although I think they'd have preferred to watch the World Cup Cricket being televised at the moment as well!

Three South African men, with Jacko, from India the middle, watching the Super Rugby match on the television. The women chat in the other corner!

As you can see by the heading of this post, "city" features in my weekend. Four of us came to Nairobi on Sunday afternoon. The men have meetings and other business to attend to; Sue and I are off to the shops to replenish certain items for the houses on camp. We also want to look for interesting [read: "fun"] learning aids for the little school in the valley.

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  1. Great full moon shots, Jo. I saw it last night at our house, too!

    Joel sure is a cutey pie! He has some good-looking parents.

    The photo of the men (and some women) watching rugby reminds me of similar scenes in the US of men watching the Superbowl, a hugely hyped annual big (American)football game.

  2. That little Joel is growing So fast.

    Have fun in town.

  3. Love seeing your kids/grands, Jo. Joel is growing so fast, isn't he????? What a cutie pie!!!!!

    Beautiful moon pictures.. We didn't see the full moon since it was cloudy here.

    Glad you got into the city to do some shopping


  4. Jo, your little Joel is a real cutie! Wonderful photos.

  5. Lovely photos AND FRAMING of your 'babies'!!

    Weekend-TV at our house also includes LOTS of Rugby and Cricket!

    The school in your valley - is it for Pre-schoolers or Primary Grades? You are so considerate of other peoples needs - they'll LOVE the learning aids!!

  6. Goodness Girl...I LOVE these photos and the baby is a DOLL!!!

  7. The pictures of your little grandson are so cute ! It seems to me that you settled in very quick and nicely and have quiet a lot of company, that's wonderful !
    I feel as if I had digged for gold around the world, now the house is more or less OK, tomorrow my cleaning women does the worst, cleaning the floor, bathrooms and all hard cleaning stuff. I washed all my ceramic cats, dusted all paintings and and and ...

  8. Joel is so adorable, Jo. Was he named after you?
    Beautiful photo of the moon.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  9. Wonderful photos! I hope you and the ladies enjoy your trip to the city ;-)

  10. Beautiful family pictures, Jo! And your moon rising is glorious :)


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