Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Birding in Kenya IX

Last week, Zephania and I stopped at the dam to see if we could spot the injured stork I posted about last week. There was no sign of it. 
Zephania using my binoculars looking for the stork  
 Driving along the road, we saw Meyers Parrots fly from trees on one side to the electric cable on the other. As we stopped, I photographed this parrot launching itself off the wire towards its nest in the wooden pole...

... to feed its young inside the nest

It turned and faced outwards to chew the food (I could see it doing this)

It almost climbed inside this time, and I wondered if there were nestlings to the back of the nest that it was feeding

And turned outwards to chew some more! I left the site after a while and the parent parrot was still feeding in this manner

On Sunday, Grant and I rode out into the bush and stopped to watch a Red-and-yellow Barbet collecting food on a termite mound.

Red-and-yellow Barbet female

While on a branch nearby another Red-and-yellow sunned itself on a branch.
Red-and-yellow Barbet male

As I turned from photographing these barbets, I noticed a skulking movement in a fence to the left of the road. I managed to snap this bird once before it flew off:

Slate-coloured Boubou

At the same time a small flock of birds dived into a nearby bush; they were so rowdy  and seemed to be squabbling. One flew up onto a fence post and then hopped onto a fallen log:
A Brown Babbler

Not only did we see the birds I posted above; we saw two Robin-chats singing in unison (too obscured by tree branches to get a good photo), we saw three Northern White-crowned Shrikes sitting tightly together on a branch above the Robin-chat concert. We saw a pair of Nubian Woodpeckers creeping up the tree trunk near us, to the right of us, we watched a pair of d'Arnaud's Barbets doing a mating dance and we saw a group of twenty Speckled Mousebirds (Grant counted them), a Beautiful Sunbird and female on a bush with rose-like blossoms, Greater Blue-eared Starling on the road in front of the vehicle and various Weavers flitting about. We'd spent an hour in one place and were rewarded with all these sights and sounds.

On the way back to camp we spotted this White-browed Coucal

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Thanks to all for your kind comments on my preparations for the VVIP lunch and dinner. Sue phoned me yesterday morning and said she'd had positive feedback about all the food: the leg of lamb was apparently very tasty and soft (phew!), her pumpkin pie (which is divine) was enjoyed, Caro's chickpea casserole went down very well and the Bread-and-butter pudding with a twist was lapped up.


  1. Hi Jo, I always look forward to your bird pictures. Sorry nobody can find the wounded stork...


  2. These are all really fabulous photos of birds, Jo. Just great. I've never seen so many varieties here or in Kenya. You are so blessed to be out where there are so many. Great feedback about the luncheon but I'm confused, lol. I thought Sue made apple pie, not pumpkin. Whatever it was I know it was fresh and therefore I'm sure very tasty.

  3. Wow, Jo, what a wonderful day for birding. I love the sequence of parrot photos. Just delightful!
    Dick and Lindy have just gone out for their walk, so I'm hoping to have some new bird photos, or at the very least some new Lindy pictures, when they return.
    Luv, K

  4. So many colorful birds for one little outing.

  5. Jo, what a great birding outing. The parrot is cool and what a great sighting. The Barbet is a pretty and colorful bird. Wonderful series of birds and photos. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Wish I could see and photograph so many beautiful birds in one place!

    Great post.

  7. Oh! I LOVE the Barbet!! How colorful it is!!!

  8. The little Barbet is my favorite! You are so good at taking these photos.

  9. Only one hour and all those birds! Yes, Kenya is a great place for bird lovers. Your pictures are all great and so is the commentary. Have a blessed day.

  10. Marvellous bird sightings again, Jo! So special to have seen the parrot feeding its young. We used to have a coucal pair visit our garden annually, but they haven't been back for about two years now.

  11. Oh, and I am sorry to hear you didn't get to sample all the lovely food you made! I'm drooling just at the mention of it all :)

    I must STILL actually make time to add the bird identifications, courtesy of you, to my blog, Jo! I keep intending to do it, then get busy with commenting on all the blogs I follow &, before I know it, time is up! I do hope that even though I've been so tardy, you do know how very much I appreciate your input!!!

  12. you can almost "smell" the heat!

  13. Jo, I love your bird photos. You have such beautiful ones in your area, that we don't have here where I live!

  14. Beautiful birds and pictures! I've never been to Africa but I've been an expat wife too before my husband retired. He was posted in Bangladesh and India and our daughter grew up in Asia. I like your blog. If you like Italian food come and visit...I'm also a great pastry chef:) I'm from Trapani, Sicily but we're in Rome for the summer from I'm following you from Rome.

  15. Beautiful birds, Jo, especially the Red-and-yellow Barbet. I loved the series of shots of the parent bird feeding its young in a tree hole.

    I'm glad your VVIP luncheon went so well.


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