Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hedges Cats in Kenya

Ambrose in the Kitty nursery looking out.  I just love the reflection of his nose in the window glass!

Ginger sunning himself on the rockery

Shadow - free at last!

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  1. A great trio. Nice to see Shadow out free.

  2. The Hedges cats lead very nice lives :-) I especially like the bottom photo with Shadow peering down on Ginger.

  3. Shalom Jo. Nice "special effects" with the screen and the nose reflection.
    Funny how your cats are ON the rocks seeking warmth while the cat I posted today in UNDER a rock seeking shelter from the sun.

  4. Jo, your cats always seem so content with life--thanks to their loving owner, you, giving them lots of tender, loving care! They look happy and well-fed.

  5. Lovely nose reflection! SO cute. And look at Shadow out there without his harness. I don't think he's going to go very far from home.
    Ginger seems to be very content to be in the Hedges family, too.
    Hug a cat for me, please, Jo.

    Luv —Kay, Alberta, Canada

  6. You have quite a happy feline menagerie. I love the nose reflection, too.

  7. Cute cats - if you like cats! Me? I think they are too "nosey"! haha. Just kiddin.


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