Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend of writing, cats, socializing and relaxing

I have so much to tell about the day/s leading up to the weekend but I've run out of time. I hope to post my news tomorrow. On Saturday morning I was out in the garden with Shadow who had climbed the frangipani tree next to my office window. When I looked again, he'd crept to the topmost branch and next minute had leapt onto the roof. He'd heard the squirrels who nest in between the roof and ceiling and thought he could get to them, which he couldn't. When he realised life wasn't too exciting up there, he came to the edge of the roof and peered down. Immediately he began to meouw and look at me as if I should get him down. I fetched the cookie jar and shook it. This is the way I call all my cats back home and Shadow learnt the signal very quickly. However, no matter where he ran to, there were no branches close enough for him to take a chance.  

By this time Ginger had heard the cookies being shaken and came running to me. He looked up and saw Shadow and meouwed at him. It was as if he was saying: "Hurry and come down, else I'll never get my cookies!"

I think I'll wash my face to cover my embarrassment!
Help! The ground is so far away

Oooh, I can't look! He's gonna fall!

Thinking, if I had a long ladder, I could climb up and try to entice Shadow off the roof. No-one in the lane has a ladder and then I remembered seeing two ladders behind the security hut, while I had been birding there. I ran down to the security gate and asked the guard to bring one of his ladders to my house. As we walked back to the house, he asked me if my small cat was stuck on the roof. Then I remembered he was Hillary, the man who brought the little kitten to me ten days before!

Back at the house, Shadow was still up on the roof. (why wasn't I surprised?) Hillary placed the ladder against the roof and held it while I climbed up. When I peeped over the top, Shadow was nowhere to be seen. He's very nervous of strangers and this was no exception. We left the ladder against the roof and walked around the house to see where Shadow had got to. When we got to the back patio, we saw Shadow around the corner to  the front door. He had descended the ladder!

That little exercise took up a good few hours of my Saturday morning!

I managed to finish my articles and they should both be with the editor this week.

We had another social function at the Guest House. A South African was doing a survey here and the MD wanted us to join him for a barbeque. No second invitation needed. Sue and I were the only two women and while the men stood around the barbeque (in true South African style) we sat on the veranda and chatted.

Management has erected an electronic scoreboard with news about the mine, safety tips and of course, soccer scores. This morning Sue and I will take her gardener and Stanley  plus some hardy plants along to the mine offices. We're going to make a garden on the heaped soil behind this sign.


  1. Oh, Shadow, scaring your mommy like that. But so smart to climb down the ladder!
    I love the picture of the kitten "afraid to look" too, Jo. Adorable, isn't she?
    So that was quite enough adventure for one day, I'm sure, and you've got me curious about tomorrow's news.
    Take care, and give Shadow a hug for me.
    Luv, K

    —Kay, Alberta, Canada

  2. Sounds like life in Kenya is going well for you and Grant, Jo... Glad Shadow found his way DOWN the ladder!!!! Silly cat!!!

    I'm sure you enjoyed the BBQ. Glad you also got your articles finished and turned into the editor....

    Hope this next week goes great also.

  3. That Shadow is So smart. When it comes to cat cookies he figured a way down.

  4. Sounds like you had a busy time! Why is is cats can get into difficult places but they can't always get back again!! Have a good day. Diane

  5. Your cats sure do keep you entertained. I see yo have added another to your collection while I was away. Love the bird with the fancy crown.

  6. Oh, so glad it ended well! And that you got to finish your articles as well!

  7. Such lovely pictures of Shadow and Ginger. Love the way Shadow came down the ladder unaided :) Such a clever kitty! Hope there were several cookie treats handed out after that!

    Had to chuckle wryly at your comment about the men all gathered around the braai in true SA style :)

    Well done on the completion of your articles! And now, you're already sussing out something else to do aka making a new garden! Love that about you, Jo! I do hope you'll show us some pictures when it's done?

  8. Poor Shadow! Smart thinking with the ladder though!

  9. What better way to spend the day than rescuing the cat from the roof - then closing with a brie! Enjoyed th story.

  10. This reminds me an adventure we had with Arthur who had climbed high up in the wheeping willow and meowed heartbreaking because he couldn't get down ... Mr. G. put the ladder against the tree climbed up and when he was reaching the branch where Arthur was sitting, Arthur jumbed to another and then down on the grass. Now Mr. G. was sitting in the tree and Arthur looking up sitting in the grass ! I wonder if Shadow used the ladder, lol !
    Life would be boring without cats !

  11. What a clever cat that Shadow is--to climb down a ladder. Kudos to him!


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