Friday, July 1, 2011

Sunset over Kimwarer Valley

Living deep within a valley surrounded by mountains on three sides, I never see a sunset. Yesterday I captured the sun "going down" at the back of our camp.

For more beautiful skies, click here

Note: I had trouble signing in to Blogger yesterday. I arrived on my own blog page and could visit any other blog, but was unable to sign into my own and to comment on others. I'd get a message saying "Bad request 400". Last night, after the umpteenth time of trying, I finally arrived at my dashboard. Hurrah! Has anyone else had this problem?


  1. Lovely photo, Jo! (I had exactly the problem you had when I posted my last comment on your blog the other day). Things seem to be working better at the moment.

  2. Hi Gaelyn, My brother also had no problem with blogger! Have a great weekend. (((Hugs))) Jo

    Hi Peggy, thanks. At least I know it was blogger in certain areas. Hope you're having a wonderful day. Blessings and hugs, Jo

  3. I had problems on and off yesterday. But when this happens I change browser and generally one of them works. Firefox, Google Chrome and Explorer are all on my laptop!!! Diane

  4. Lovely photo, with the sun in the eye!

  5. Yes, people have e-mailed me about having trouble leaving comments on my blog. I couldn't comment on someone's blog this morning, but others I'm having no problem with. Blogger does have a lot of problems lately. Sorry.

    I am so enjoying your blog and your photos!


  6. Pretty sunset!
    Sometimes I try to comment and blogger sends me to the sign-in page. Then after I comment, it sends me back to sign in again. This repeats itself, and I never can get a comment off. Seems to happen on the same blogs, while I have no problem with others.
    It's frustrating!

  7. At least you are surrounded by natural beauty, the mountains... I am surrounded by skyscrapers and never get to see a decent sunset. You have a lovely shot.

  8. I'm always grateful for sundown: It means that I can rest!


    The sky’s a most wonderful thing,
    Enjoyed by both peasant and king;
    No matter the eye
    That sees the bright sky,
    The proper response is to sing!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Stormy Sky

  9. Pretty capture of the sun setting over the trees. I had problems a couple of weeks ago but it seems better now. I hope your blogging problem goes away.

  10. Pretty sunset with this golden colour over trees


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