Wednesday, July 20, 2011

On-line shopping II, cats and man-made custard

Shopping in the village in general and at the market in particular, is ridiculously economical. In my list below, I calculated the first item, afterwards I'm sure you'll find it easy to work out the rest.

Yesterday I bought avocado pears each, KES10 / US$ .11 c/ ZAR1; tomatoes per kg KES20; pawpaw each KES15; spring onion bunch KES5; mangoes each KES15; oranges each KES5; watermelon (see next to cabbage) KES15; Cabbage KES15; Spinach bunch KES5, red onions per kg KES80, potatoes per kg KES40; bananas each KES5 and so on. Naomi shopped at Tamil's store for me and bought sachets of fresh (longlife) milk, KES50; eggs each KES10; sunflower oil 1 litre, KES200; hair gel bottle KES50; baking powder per packet KES40; large plastic bowl KES120; small plastic bowl KES45. We also "shopped" at the open-air clothes rack and bought two mens' shirts for KES250 each. This was Stanley's gift from me.

An array of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as household items and groceries bought in Kimwarer Centre yesterday

The cats? Well, the photos are self-explanatory.

The custard? Well, on Sunday Grant asked if I'd make custard with the dessert. As I had a lot to do already I thought of refusing politely; instead I reminded him how my custard often always turns out lumpy and horrid. He agreed and proceeded to make the custard. As I said, man-made custard!

Perfect custard made by a man

This afternoon, in Sue and Sharda's absence, I'll be visiting the school clubs on my own. I intend to share something each of the four clubs and will report back on my activities tomorrow.


  1. Nice to have a husband who can make custard!
    Wish I could shop at that economical market.

  2. Wonderful deals to be hand in Kimwarer Centre! Life is certainly the "cat's meow" for all your pretty cats, lol and the man made custard looks pretty good. I'm sure Stanley will really appreciate the shirt you bought for him! Have fun at the school. I look forward to your report from there. Hugs. xx

  3. By the time I have converted the ZAR to £ then cheap is the right word !!! Diane

  4. How lucky are you to get fresh fruit and veggies so cheap. Our prices are going through the roof. Unseasonal rain being blamed but I think it is greedy retailers that are the problem.

  5. Jo, you are lucky to have a husband that makes perfect custard!! :-D

  6. Wow, Jo, what incredibly low prices for food and household items! I bet Stanley was thrilled. Your cats look so content!

  7. Hi Jo, that is an exotic looking shopping load, all fresh and organic too.
    I am always nervous of buying imported fruit and veg as it sits on the shop shelf after travelling thousands of miles looking freshly picked?!
    I gave up on making custard as mine invariably turned out like yours so I buy ready to use cartons which I can keep in the fridge and have custard to hand when I want it.
    To paraphrase 'life is too short to be stirring custard'!


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