Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend of baking, birding and preparations

As mentioned last week, we have VVIP's arriving on the mine today.They will visit the mine and be here for lunch, dinner, sleep over in the Guest House and after breakfast tomorrow they will leave. Meanwhile Sue, Wheatcliffe, Caro and I are preparing lunch and dinner for them and the company  HOD's.

We started on Friday with a meeting to discuss who would prepare and cook the meals we'd previously decided upon. I used the newly-built stile at the top of my garden to get into the yard above, which is next door to Sue's house. BTW, I have posted a close-up of the stile to show how sturdy the structure is. Thanks to all who expressed concern. I am very careful when I climb over it but it is a really strong ladder with handholds all the way up and over.

A close-up of my stile showing how strong and safe it is!

After the menu was discussed and tasks allocated, Sue handed out ingredients that she'd bought in Nairobi.(Chef Wheatcliffe and assistant Chef Caro look on)

One of the pasta dishes on the lunch menu, needs pesto. I have herbs planted in between my flowers and shrubs and made a bowl of pesto from the fresh basil.

We went birding on Sunday morning. I hope to share a few of our sightings later this week. When we drove home, we spotted a goat on sleeping on a rock. She is very fat, so I expect she's expecting!
No, there's nothing wrong with the animal in the photo. We saw it's ear twitching while I took the photos!

This morning I'll be up before the post is aired. I need to get a few dishes prepared before the day starts. At about 9am I'll walk up to the Guest House and help prepare salads and dishes there as well. I will be back tomorrow with a full report on the day!


  1. I sure hope you're right about that animal being okay. Only a goat could get down off that rock. LOL
    I hope she doesn't try giving birth up there, however.
    Looking forward to reports of your busy day.

    —Kay, Alberta, Canada

  2. I've no doubt of the sturdiness of your stile. I know the branches of the African trees can look rickety but they are strong :-) I'm sure you're going to have a busy day so I look forward to your report later. BTW, I've never seen a goat lying on a rock before. I hope her birth process goes smoothly.

  3. Hi Jo! I arrived home from Atlanta, Georgia last Wednesday, but haven't had time to try and read all my friends' blogs! Hope you have a wonderful week and know I'll be thinking of you!

  4. That goat looks wore out. Hope you don't feel that way after this quick visit.

    The pesto looks delish.

  5. It sounds as though you are preparing a banquet! May I invite myself over? I think I was implying more that I'd be too nervous to use the stile than that it was rickety! I am a bit of a bangbroek when it comes to climbing up and over anything not solid looking!

  6. Sounds like you've still got some work to do. I love pesto and I make it with the basil I grow here every summer. Do you put pine nuts in yours?
    Good luck with the VVIPs.

  7. Don't work too hard Jo!
    Hope the preparations all turn off without a hitch!

  8. Only a goat could sleep in a place like that!! Great photos. sounds like you have a busy day ahead of you. Diane

  9. HI Jo, that looks like an interesting meal. And homemade pesto, yummm

  10. O,ok, I see now! You got the ingredients from Nairobi! You are leading an interesting life!

  11. Great shot of the goat resting on the rock!

    You are so well-organized, Jo, in all your preparations for the dinner and luncheon.

    I'll believe you when you say the stile is very strong and sturdy, but some of the rungs of the ladders look a bit uneven to me. I know you're careful when you climb up and down the stile.


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