Saturday, July 30, 2011

End of term school report

It's that time again. End of the school term and time for school reports. Yesterday Naomi brought me daughter, Stacey's report. I'm thrilled to say this little girl has improved markedly since starting at the company school in March. Her first percentage mark of 57% ending May, 65% at the end of June to an amazing 80% at the end of July. Her English (orginally low marks in this language dragged down her total) has improved very much as well. I decided to write her a little note congratulating her and encouring her to aim for 600/700 marks next term. I enclosed a KES100/- note (about US$1.50) and gave her mother half a dozen suckers (lollypops) for Stacey and the other children living in their compound.

There's a man in Nakuru who creates and then sells these cards on the street. My friend, Penny (Snap That blog) will probably recognize these pieces of art. I used one to write Stacey a note

The contents of the card to which I added a little money gift


  1. Dear Jo, what a wonderful report! It really goes to show you what a little encouragement and support will do for these children in Kenya. I'm so delighted in her progress and I'm sure your husband is too. The card you bought, the shillings and the! I'm sure she is having a wonderful day today and she deserves it. I'm familiar with the cards sold on the streets in Nakuru but I haven't seen this particular one. It's cute. Have a lovely weekend my friend. Hugs. xx

  2. I'll bet having you around has been a help to her English, Jo. What a wonderful improvement in her grades. She certainly deserved a little reward.

    —Kay, Alberta, Canada

  3. What a wonderful way to encourage Stacey in her studies! You are a blessing to her and the other students that you help.


  4. It must make her mm very proud. Well done to the company school too.

  5. You are a darling Jo! Encouragement can achieve so much and it does not take much to give it, just a bit of consideration and, effort and a personal touch.

    Blessings . . . Arija

  6. Jo, I wish the world had more people like you who would take the time to recognize the achievements of children and challenge them to even higher goals. What a blessing your words were to this child and her Mom! God Bless you for being the caring person you are.


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