Thursday, March 27, 2014

Happy Birthday Eryn and Bethany!

On 27th March, 2003, Eryn Elizabeth Hedges arrived and turned me and Grant into grandparents. What a beautiful baby she was; what a beautiful and clever toddler she was and what a stunningly beautiful, soft-spoken and intelligent young girl she has become today!

On 27th March, 2009, Eryn and Joshua were staying with gran while their mum and dad went to the hospital in Bethlehem. Their baby sister was due to arrive that day and as Eryn celebrated her 6th birthday at the Pre-primary School in Marquard, little Bethany Grace Hedges made her welcome appearance in the world.

Bethany is the cutest and prettiest little girl in the whole world. Typical of the third child in a family, Bethany has an answer for almost everything and now as the older sister of her two younger brothers, Bethany can hold a conversation (and win any argument)  with an of her siblings or any one of us adults. 
Eryn, our first grandchild, a granddaughter, is eleven years old today
Bethany, five years old today and as cute as a button

The last time we saw Debbie and the children was at the end of January this year. We're looking forward to seeing them again when we go out on leave to South Africa again in April. 

 Granddad with his pride and joy: Joshua (almost seven); Elijah (almost three); Eryn (11 today) holding Israel (almost two) and Bethany (five today)



  1. Happy Birthday to Eryn and Bethany! I wish them a happy day.

  2. APRIL? or March? I'm blond, and get a bit confused...easily.

    Sweet, sweet family! Such a treasure you have with grands.

  3. Awww, what beautiful children!! Happy Birthdays to them both!!

  4. A very happy birthday to both of them !

  5. Aww, Happy Birthday to the sweethearts. You have such beautiful grandchildren! :)


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