Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sad World News

It was a very sad evening last night when Grant and I watched SkyNews Breaking News. The Malaysian Airline, MH370, which has been missing for more than two weeks has, according to new satellite data, crashed in a remote area in the South Indian Ocean. There is doubt of any survivors. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of all the passengers aboard this flight.

Back here in Mwadui, I wrote about our Sunday outing to nearby Shinyanga on Sunday. While the men waited at the Butiama, our driver, William took me around town where I did a little shopping. We also stopped at Amazing Grace shop which sells household appliances and many kitchen items such as crockery, cutlery, plasticware, ornaments, bathroom and kitchen linen and much more. 

It's also at this shop where I adopted a cat in April 2012. I named the cat Joy.  I've been taking (or sending with Chef Paulo) canned food and kitty kibbles once a week for the past two years and will continue to do this for as long as we live in Mwadui. Grant and I also arranged for our vet from Mwanza to administer the necessary annual inoculations and of course, my kind husband foots the bill. 

Sunday I was thrilled to see that Joy, who only lives indoors, never venturing out, looking very healthy. Of course, she always hears my voice as I greet the proprietor, Jackson and his staff at the front of the shop. Joy comes running from the back of the shop and rubs against my ankles until I walk to the back to feed her. On Sunday I added a worm tablet to her food so she'll be fine for another while. 

The funniest thing is that because I always refer to Amazing Grace as the Paka Shop, every expat and every driver calls this shop by that name! 
   Joy looks up and meows as I call her for a photo
 Joy digs in and unknowingly ingests the deworming meds I  mixed into her food
 Jackson, prorietor of the Paka Shop (aka Amazing Grace) poses proudly with his daughter who has just joined his company

I always leave extra cat food and kibbles which last for the week until Paulo or I return.

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  1. Oh, how wonderful to see pictures of Joy looking healthy and happy. She reminds me of my beloved cat Herman. I wrote about him recently. He was white with a black tail and a couple of black markings, and was very intelligent.
    Dick and I are away again tomorrow. He wants to spend his 70th birthday in Iceland. I did try to tell him I'm not up to the excursions he's doing, the 8-hour glacier one especially, but I've loaded lots of books onto our new Kobo and am hoping to be able to stay on the tour bus while everyone else hikes.
    The people at the Paka Shop look very nice. The young lady is very pretty.
    Hugs to the animals, and to you and Grant,
    Luv, K

  2. Hi Jo. That is a lovely thing you are doing for this cat and he obviously loves you for it. Love the happy faces in the last shot.

  3. Finding survivors is only a dream, unless they have found an island like Robinson Crusoe, which is very much impossible. What I find so strange is that it took such a long time to find some pieces of it ! It's easier to find a hair needle in the universe with all the means they have today !
    The cat looks real good and well taken care of !

  4. Joy...I like the name you chose. She, I'm sure, is a sweetie. I love cats tho, so I'm a bit partial to those fur babies.

    The shop sounds like a great place to peruse and purchase. The owner and his daughter look so very happy to pose for the camera!!! I like that you shared this part of your world.

  5. I'm so glad Joy found You!

  6. Good shots with the cute, little cat. ♥ She looks very thin. But i'm happy to read, that you and your husband helping the cats. ♥ I can fully understand that Joy is happy to see you and rubs against your ankles until you walk to the back to feed her. :)
    Thanks 4 sharing in the tuesday-project.
    Happy Evening, Wieczora (◔‿◔)| My photoblog

  7. Jo, I also love the name Joy, what a pretty kitty. It was sad news to hear about the missing airplane crashed into the ocean..Lovely shot of the shop owner and his daughter.
    Have a happy week!


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