Sunday, March 16, 2014

Kitty escapades

Hi there Bozo, Lindy and all mum's blogger friends. This is Ambrose again with today's post.Before I do a Kitty Update, I want to post a photo of Princess. Yesterday mum was trying to photograph her. Actually, she said she was trying to get a por-trate of Princess for her passport. We all have our passports (mum says they're actually medical records for travelling) which are always kept updated for the day we leave Mwadui. And we all have our por-trates on the front of our passports. But Princess was not going to sit up for a decent por-trate and eventually I heard mum call her Dilly Doggy Princess. At least there's still a lot of time for mum to get the Dilly Doggie to "pose" for her passport por-trate!
Dilly Doggy Princess lying on her back while mum tries to get her photo

As for the Hedges Kitties, we're all doing just good. Last week while we were lying sleeping on our day bed, mum arrived with a long plastic thingy, took me by the scruff of the neck (it doesn't hurt, but it's not nice!) and squirted some yukky liquid down my throat. She must have done the same to Unca Shadow and Dad Ginger, but I didn't see, as I'd run off to sit under the dining table licking my "wounds" ! She always says this stuff is for our own good so we have to believe her!

One morning while Regina was cleaning the lounge, I lay on the window sill and had a "silly five minutes". Of course, as always mum had her camera ready and snapped me.

Reaching up...
...grab the ball...



And now for my cute face! 

Wanting mum's attention,  Unca Shadow lay down by mum's kitty plates which showed her that he was still her favorite cat

Dad Ginger just rests on his office chair as he knows he is King Cat! 

 Mum wears this cute kitty shirt to show that she loves cats! 

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Mum says I should always end my post with good wishes. Well, here's hoping you're all having a purrrfectly lovely and kitty-filled weekend! 


  1. The "portrait" of princess for her passport is absolutely perfect, lol ! I'll try the same position next time I need a picture for my passport. The only thing is it's not allowed to smile on a passport pictures. The kitty pictures are hilarious !

  2. You are a bit of a poser Ambrose.

  3. I love the cute dilly Princess portrait.. So cute! And the kitty photos are all adorable too. Have a happy day!

  4. What a character cat ~ great 'fur persons' photos ~ Happy Sunday to you ~ xxx

    artmusedog and carol

  5. Very cute! I hope Princess can sit still long enough for her por-trate!


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