Thursday, March 13, 2014

Happy Birthday Thys!

Yesterday was Thys' birthday and last night we had a party for him at the club. Last week, I suggested to Grant that we arrange something special for Thys' birthday. It wasn't a particularly special birthday (he turned 63, the same as Grant) but as the longest employee in our company and the longest a person has worked on one site, (12 years), Thys deserved a get together with all his friends.

My friends, Louise and Amanda offered to make snacks (Louise, who is a top shelf baker, made a delicious cake), I knocked up four plates of savories while our guest house and the client guest house made snacks. I told Thys' wife, Elize  on Whatsapp yesterday that three private houses and two Guest Houses were cooking up a storm for Thys' birthday party! Elize lives in South Africa and although she's never been here and I've never met her, I like to keep her in the loop with what goes on here on site. All the arrangements were being done in secret and Elize was in on all this excitement! 

Yesterday when we wished Thys for his birthday at lunchtime, I asked if he'd be going to the club that night. He said he didn't think so because he didn't want anyone to find out it was his birthday. I said, "Thys, nobody knows it's your birthday, just come along for a single drink and then you can leave."(With this porker, my pants were certainly on fire, as everyone at the client camp had already been invited to have their supper at the club instead of in the dining room as they usually do! )

We all arrived at 6 pm; we ladies and the chefs from the two guest houses bearing laden trays and dishes of savory eats. Thys was already there. I handed him his gift from me and Grant and said: "How come you have a party, Thys?" At which he blushed and said he didn't know anything about it!
The table was laden with enough snacks to feed an army!
Above is a total of 186 years in wisdom and experience! Grant, Jo and Thys
In only a year, Louise has become renowned for being the best baker of [chocolate] cakes on site.
  Thys smiles as he cuts his birthday cake and the men sing a raucous "Happy Birthday to you!"

As always, the above post shows what a tough life it is in Africa! LOL! 

Continuing with my theme to post a bloom a day in solidarity with blogger friend, Lori (who is experiencing sever winter in their area), I have found an Acacia Karoo (sweet thorn) with a Brown-veined Butterfly perched on it. Really hoping to herald spring for Western New York. 

Acacia Karoo (Sweet Thorn) with Brown-veined Butterfly 

I hope you're all having a wonderfully great week wherever you are.


  1. Hi dear Jo, you ladies always put on such a wonderful spread. I can certainly see why Louise has become so renowned for baking. Her cake certainly looks as good as anything I would buy in the shops here. Happy Birthday to Thys!

  2. Happy Birthday to Thys! The chocolate cake looks delicious.. A great birthday party, Jo!
    Have a happy day!

  3. Love it...and love that it's no 'special' years that is, but you all made it a very special celebration. the crocheted top over your beautiful pink one.

  4. What a great surprise for him ! He must have been very touched ! I love your blouse !!


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