Sunday, March 2, 2014

Me, cute Ambrose

Hi Bozo, Lindy and Mum's blog followers. This is Ambrose again. We had quite an exciting week where we had a visitor in the garden. Mum said it was a cat but not really a cat. What? Anyway, she says she's posted about it and although it slept for two nights in a large tree outside, it has now left. 
 A visitor in the garden; mum says it's not a real cat! 

Going through Mum's photos I see she's taken some cutesy ones of me.

This is me with my feet up on the framework

And again against the chair leg!

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  1. Beautiful pics of all the cats in the last two posts. Looks like they are all enjoying their time of repose ;-)

  2. You look lovely and chilled out!!


  3. You look lovely and chilled out!!


  4. Cute kitties and you picked some great shots to share. I wish you all a happy new week!

  5. Definitely a great day with these small animals!

    Hugs from Brazil


  6. What? I was sure we left an admiring comment, Ambrose. I remember the unusual cat-looking creature in the tree, and you with your feet on the window. Well, I'm glad I came back.
    Lindy sends her love to all of you, and lots from myownself, as well.

  7. Wonderfull visitor , greeting from Belgium


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