Saturday, March 15, 2014

Mwadui Critters

Last weekend spotted a different mammal just before the boom gate. It was sunning itself on a rock and as I focused it moved away into the grass.

Dwarf Mongoose 

The dwarf mongoose (Helogale parvula) is a very small mongoose with short legs, small ears and eyes and a short tail. It has a short snout and a round head with slightly infantile features. The color can vary from a yellowish, reddish, greyish brown or even black. It's commonly found in
savannah and woodland habitats. This animal is diurnal which means it's active during the day. Although I only saw this one mongoose at the time, it's a very social animal that lives in small colonies of usually 6-12 members, up to 30.

While birding on the mine, I snapped an Agama Lizard on a rocky ledge 

I'm linking my post to Eileen's Saturday's Critters here

My spring bloom for today, is a Scabiosa growing in my South African garden.

Scabiosa is also known as the Pincussion Flower. Scabiosa plants have many small flowers of soft blue lavender, lilac or creamy white, borne on a single head on a tall stalk.  Scabiosa flowers are nectar rich and attract a variety of insects including moths and butterflies. 

Happy Saturday to you all! 



  1. Lovely to visit and see your photos. Very enjoyable!

  2. Hello Jo, Your mongoose is a cute critter.. I love seeing lizards, the Agama lizard is colorful. Thank you for linking up with Saturday's Critters.. Have a happy weekend!

    ps, I will link you up..

  3. Great photos ! You showed such a wondeful place :)
    Greetings from Poland, Ela

  4. We had a pair of those Dwarf Mongoose running around our camp at Satara. Very entertaining.

  5. They're so cute! I've seen dwarf mongoose at the zoo in Helsinki.

  6. I real cute fury animal ! I have never seen one ! Lizards I know from Italy there are many. Here it is too cold for them.

  7. HI Jo Loved the moongoose and the flower. I used to have a lot of Scabias in my garden.

  8. I've never seen a mongoose! How neat!!


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