Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Toys for Boys

What with the ladies tea on Friday, two birding outings on Saturday and Sunday mornings respectively, you'd think that another exciting event would be too much. Not so. On Saturday afternoon, Grant received a phone call to say that the "new machine", whose progress he'd been following from the time it landed in Mombasa, Kenya several weeks ago, had arrived in Mwadui.

I grabbed my camera and Grant and I drove to the workshop. As we turned in there, we saw the convoy arriving with the machine on a lowbed trailer. A CAT excavator, worth several million US$ !

Although this post makes it seem that the machine arrived and within minutes was parked up in the workshop yard, ready to be checked over and commissioned by Caterpillar, it took the best part of two hours from the time we received the phone call until the excavator was safely on the ground.
The lowbed carrying the CAT Excavator arrives at the workshop with the transport security in the rear and the company security escort in front of it

Nordeen, head of our company's security, poses in front of the truck bringing the excavator

Grant, who'd already left work and returned, walks towards the spot where the excavator will be taken off the lowbed

Theo, workshop supervisor checks the fuel supply which had to be replenished before the excavator could be driven off the lowbed

Steve, workshop foreman arrived to inspect and remove the excavator from the lowbed

Steve checks the controls and starts the engine

Theo guides Steve from the transport lowbed onto the company lowbed

Theo checks as Steve maneuvers the excavator from one lowbed onto the other

Frank, a multi-skilled operator and driver, climbs into the company lowbed to pull the cab away from the trailer

 Steven drives the excavator off the company lowbed and towards the parking bay

Grant, Henry, safety officer, Theo and Nordeen congratulate Steve on a job well done! 

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Still standing in solidarity with my blogger friend, Lori, I post an unknown exotic bloom in protest of the cold winter in Western New York.
An unknown (to me) exotic flower in my garden 

I hope you're all having a wonderful week.


  1. Ah, "the boys" always have fun with their big toys and the bigger, the better!! Great pics for the day!! I do love your beautiful flower -- whatever its name!! Hope your week is going well!

  2. Very interesting and informative post. Love the flower too.

  3. Well, now that is a big toy for the boys!! I am glad the unloading went well. I love the pretty flower. Enjoy your week!

  4. I've seem them as high as $850 thousand before but several million? Wow and double wow!!! Boys and their toys is right!!Hahaaa
    Love the photos!!

  5. I'm not sure if this 'toy' is just for boys. Heck, I'd love to try my operating skills with that monster!!!

  6. I enjoyed this post. Such big machinery and such big prices too!

  7. Now that's a cool machine! My truck-loving 2 year old grandson would love nothing better than seeing that delivery.


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