Sunday, March 2, 2014

Shadow Shots of Cats

This week I snapped little Ambrose in the morning sun and later catching afternoon shadows across his body. A few minutes later when I went into Grant's bathroom, I saw his dad, Ginger silhouetted behind the curtains.

Early morning shadows over Ambrose

Afternoon shadows over Ambrose

Dad Ginger silhouetted behind the bathroom curtains, also late afternoon

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  1. Handsome kitties they are!!! I do love Ambrose!! Fun captures for the day!! Have a great new week, Jo!!

  2. Ambrose looks very comfortable no matter where he is at. Nice shadows.

  3. Cats are so cooperative with shadow shots, because they like to be near windows.
    Love from
    Kay and Lindy

  4. Nice, gentle shadows. I'm sure Ambrose loved them!

    Nestling in Shadows


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