Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Daylight Savings

Although not used by the majority of the world's countries, daylight saving time is common in the Western world.
  DST is used.
  DST is no longer used.
  DST has never been used.

The [white] spot in the dark red area, in the eastern part of Africa, is Lake Victoria. And that's where we live for most of the year. It says on this legend that Daylight Savings has never been used in this part of the world. 

So WHY did my Smartphone clock automatically set the time forward one hour on Sunday 30th March 2014?

Grant and I woke up with the alarm as usual but couldn't work out why it was so quiet and so very dark outside. I squinted at the time on the screen and said: "Yep, it's 05h45!"

He got up and checked on the wall clock in the kitchen and also in the lounge. Both said a-quarter-to-five. (These are analogue clocks) I got up and checked on my three wrist watches in my jewelry case (I like my bling, LOL) and also saw that these time pieces said it was a-quarter-to-five! 

We both sighed, turned over in bed and went back to sleep. Fortunately we woke up naturally just before 6am and the day began as normal. 

Later on I checked on the settings of my Smartphone. There I saw that the Daylight Savings Time was set on automatic. 

I reset this to say turn OFF automatic Daylight Savings Time and hopefully we won't be awoken an hour early in Africa this time next year! 

I hope you're all having a really great week.

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  1. Frankly. I loathe and detest daylight saving time. I wake at dawn no matter what any clock says. Cows need milking at their time not some arbitrary hour.

  2. Hi Jo, We went through Daylight Savings on March 9... Some of our clocks change automatically and some do not... It's always a hassle to my body the first few days after the time changes... I truly wish they would just leave it alone!!!!


  3. We put the clocks forward last weekend. Yawn!

  4. OMW Jo, how horrible to get your clocks going to DST when you don't have to! We in the West don't like it when the clocks jump forward. We prefer it in the Fall when they go backward one hour. I think most of us would prefer we got rid of DST altogether and sometimes I hear "talk" of that. I don't know how real it is. Hope you didn't get too disturbed :-)

  5. I have never understood the necessity of so said daylight saving, we always "spring" one hour ahead in spring. It happened here last weekend. Honestly I don't mind, one hour doesn't bother me, but babies are hungry and cows have to be milked ! I don't know who has invented this !

  6. It is much nicer to wake up naturally without an alarm.. I usually have to run around the house changing all the clocks.. I do love the longer daylight hours. Have a happy day!

  7. Of course, America uses DST...but Bud and I don't!!

    It just messes up with our whole lifestyle. And we find no need of setting the clocks forward. Retirement has its good points.

  8. Interesting map! I feel fortunate living in the state of Arizona where daylight saving time is no longer used. Enjoy the rest of your week. :)

  9. Hi Jo I had to laugh at that.Mine you I forgot to reset my clock but fortunatly woke up early to discover my mistake!!!

  10. So glad I don't have to deal with Daylight Savings in Arizona or South Africa. Seems so silly. But what a drag to be woken up an hour early for nothing.

  11. Poor you!!! I hate Daylight Saving time. What a nuisance it is....


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