Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Home in South Africa

Since I was last home in South Africa, I seemed to have added quite a few friends/followers to my blog; 21 to be precise which is SUPER! Thanks to all people who follow, read and comment on my blog from the day I started it way back in October 2008. 

What I find too, is that people have often become confused by my life/lives in two different parts of Africa. Early In 2000, Grant became and expat and went to work on a remote mine site in Northern Guinea, West Africa. I joined him in October of that year and have been an expat since then as well. We've since been in several countries across Africa: Mali, the land which has Timbuktu; Khartoum, Sudan, North Africa; Grant did a spell in Zambia, while I stayed home in South Africa; we spent a wonderful year in a beautiful valley in the Great Rift Valley in Kenya and currently live in Northern Tanzania where we have been for the past two years and three months.  We spent three months "on site" and then have a three-week holiday. We have a home in Marquard, South Africa and always come home for our holiday.

We live just above the little red dot near Bloemfontein!

When we're at work, we live in Tanzania. You can see where it is in relationship to our home which is more-or-less near the bottom green blob near the "H" in SOUTH. This is where we are now! 

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  1. This was very interesting!!! I'm glad you explained your life a bit more for us.

  2. What an interesting life you lead.

  3. Welcome home, Jo! You have moved around a bit.. It must be exciting. Enjoy our time at home!


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