Saturday, November 4, 2017

A new critter

Hi everyone, I'm only posting one critter today:  a beautiful Ragdoll Persian called Mr Tibs. I thought it better to quickly tell you about Mr Tibs in case Ambrose spots the photo and posts about him! 

Mr Tibs belongs to Caroline on whose property we're building the cottage. He arrived in South Africa on 8 October  after a three day flight from Australia. 

Mr Tibs is a special cat and is highly spoiled by his mistress. He only eats sirloin steak cut up, no bones or grizzly bits. So Caroline trims all these off and guess who gets treats of yummy raw meat at least three times a week? 

Why, Mr Skabenga, himself !

Mr Tibs now resides in the house we occupied for seven weeks before Caroline returned from Oz. Because he never wanders outside unattended, he has a special outdoor cage led by a tunnel which is  attached to a window in the house. Steve designed the cat enclosure and Grant built it. I haven't seen the finished product but when I do, I will take photos and yes, post about it! 

I am hoping and praying that my cats stay on our side of the garden when we do move back up the hill and into our new cottage. Ambrose, especially is very aggressive when it comes to "other" cats. So here's hoping.

And here's Mr Tibs
Very skittish and highly strung, especially with all the noisy building going on in the garden 

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  1. Mr Tibbs is gorgeous with amazing blue eyes!
    Happy Saturday!

  2. A true beauty. I hope that Ambrose can give him space.

  3. Ooh, he's a beautiful boy, and very spoilt 😂
    Let's hope your kitty keeps his distance, we don't want any dueling neighbors.

  4. Beautiful Mr. Tibbs. Caroline certainly treats him very well and no Skabenga approves ;-)

  5. He is gorgeous but yes those cats are very highly srung. Have a marvellous weekend.

  6. Hello Mr Tibbs is beautiful. Wow, he is spoiled. I hope Ambrose does not see this post, he may end up jealous of Mr. Tibbs. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  7. beautiful cat and I am sure some of the stress is from traveling by plane and being in a different enviorment. what a great idea to have outdoor space that is contained.. you may have to fence the fence.... IF Ambrose misbehaves. cant wait to see the new cat house.

  8. Beautiful, I always had Siamese cats in Southern Africa. Have a good Sunday Diane

  9. He really is beautiful! Wow! And I'm not even a cat person! heehee! Hugs!

  10. That's one beautiful, and spoiled cat.


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