Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Building update

I'm so behind with posting about the building up on the hill. I've been busy in the shop (Praise God!) and now that I have accommodation to manage, I just don't seem to get to the site after hours to take photos. These below were taken ten days ago; since then a LOT has been done like the flooring is laid and the cupboards are about to be fitted this week. 

The shower floor mosaic has been laid; Grant will hang the shower cubicle. The toilet has been installed. The plumbing is just about plumb done! 
 The windows have been fitted  (perhaps I've said this before)
 The ceilings are in (I'm sure I've posted this as well!)
 The ceiling fans are in 
 The downlights are inserted 
 The archway between the living area and the bedroom 
 The retaining wall at the back 
 Steve will insert river rocks once Amon has completed this part of building the wall 
Caroline and Mr Tibbs came to inspect the cottage as well (he's almost pulled her off her feet!) 

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  1. Hi Jo, the new building is coming along beautifully! It's great that Mr. Tibbs takes to a leash and it sounds like he is very strong.

  2. YAY! almost time to move... you should be in by Christmas, right? it is looking great from here. to funny on the cat pull at the end.

  3. Hello, Jo!
    Wonderful progess, it looks wonderful. Mr. Tibbs looks like a very big kitty. Have a happy day and week ahead.

  4. It Will ne a little jewel ! It looks really nice! You will be like two happy fishes in the water !

  5. Things are coming along nicely!

    Mr. Tibbs wants a belly rub.

  6. Looking really good! Tons of great progress..... EXCITING for you...

    I'm happy to hear that your 'shop' is doing well too.....So many ways to stay busy.....


  7. Looking good. You'll be moving in soon.


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