Monday, November 27, 2017

Human tasks

(which the dog and cats love!)

This weekend, Grant had to do running repairs on the accommodation, Cave Inn. Our first guests had a problem with the shower not turning off; or so they thought (remember I posted that Fanny had phoned me at 11pm panicking that they'd not turned the controls in the correct direction.) What
actually happened was that when they showered, a lot of the water collected in a rocky bowl above their heads. As there were too few water holes, once you turned the taps / faucets off, the water still drained out for several minutes. 

On Sunday morning Grant, armed with a drilll, entered the shower cubicle and drilled several more holes. He also cleaned out the existing holes which were clogged. 

On Sunday afternoon we turned on the shower (me standing well away!). The water poured out and when Grant turned off the tap lever, within about 30 seconds, the water stopped running. 

The cave shower: the water pours straight
 out of the rocks above you 

Then it was time to sort out the rock pools. There is a plunge pool just outside the cave door. And several pools running into each other from the garden above the cave and ending in the plunge pool. 

Grant had to get the slightly murky water clear,  fill the top ponds and get the pump running.  It had been unused for a couple of months and needed a boost. 

All this outdoor activity delighted Skabenga and two of the four cats.
 Ginger was the first to arrive on the scene 
 Skabenga checking up on Ginger and Grant 
 Ginger the works manager 
 Shadow followed the sounds of splashing and arrived from the shack next door ! 
Skabenga plodged in every pool while we waited for the water levels to rise 
 Skabenga wet and happy as Larry 
 And a good shake all over Mum and her camera!   
 Mmm , the water is refreshing!  
 Oops, the earth is tilting! My horisons were not level
The water running in from pools above and over this waterfall into the main swimming pool was eventually beautifully clear 

Once Grant was happy with the condition of the pools and the clarity of the water, he went around and under a rock to turn off the waterfall pump. The two cats didn't know where their yoomen dad had disappeared to and were peering over the edge to find him! 

Oi Ginger, where did he disappear to so fast?  

When we walked back home, two cats and a wet dog in tow, we came across Ambrose and Chappie sunning themselves on the shack roof.
 Ambrose stalking, leopard-like across the warm roof of the shack . Chappie was on the other side of the slanted roof. She was too comfortable, lazy (methinks)  she says, to come and pose for my blog photos
 I love how the perrenials are bursting into bloom - in little gardens on TOP of the shack roof! These are the indigenous Wild Iris (Dietes Grandiflora) 

Hen-and-chickens (Cholorphytum comosum) flowering in another small garden on the roof! 



  1. I enjoyed your post. All looks and sounds well in the Hedges world. Have a lovely week ahead.

  2. Hello, it is great that your Grant is so handy. I am glad all is well with the shower and the pools. I love the little waterfall. Skabenga is beautiful and the kitties are all cuties. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  3. i really do love your place you are living and managing. that shower is just to cool for words. I LOVE IT... and the pool is fantastic. I would stay there in a heart beat.

  4. What a glorious place - for man or beast.

  5. Oh Jo ... I loved reading your narration. Your family of pets ... GREAT PHOTOS. Loved the one where they're peeking over the edge looking for Grant

  6. Always count on a wet dog to want to give themselves a good shaking off!

  7. It looks as a lovely place and the rocky shower is very romantic ! nice to spend holidays there !

  8. What a fun place. Looks like you're working the kinks out.

  9. It looks a fun place to stay but a fair bit of work to keep it nice.


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