Sunday, November 12, 2017

Dad Ginger and the litter tray

Hi Bozo and Mum's blog readers; this is Ambrose and as usual I've found cool photos on Mum's laptop to post here.

We had a kitty laugh earlier this week. While Mum watched Dad Ginger walked towards the toilet; a place none of us kitties visits! She followed him and was surprised to see him pull himself up onto the closed toilet seat. 

"Aha," she said to our yoomen dad, "I've left the litter tray outside" and promptly brought inside. 
Of course, Mum took a photo! 

Dad Ginger immediately used the sandbox (and this time Mum didn't take a photo!)

Skabenga the dog still sleeps indoors and Mum takes him for many walks during the night. He has a special toy mouse which he keeps between his paws while he sleeps. 

 Skabenga and his toy mouse 
 The toy mouse which Skabenga loves 
 Aunty Chappie is at the cookie bowl 
I am tired after posting these photos 

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  1. smart kitty and to funny. tell Mom if she keeps walking S at night, it will become a habit. Jake has habits that drive us nuts, like waking us up at 3:30 now that the time change happened.

  2. Ginger sure is a smart fella!


  3. Hello, smart kitty indeed. It is nice to see all your sweet furbabies. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week!

  4. Looks like the cats rule over everyone.


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