Thursday, November 16, 2017

What a surprise!

Over the weeks I've posted about the art shop and any new and different items on Facebook. I have many likes and comments from local people. However, blogger friend, Penny, Eileen, Sandra, Kay, Betsy and Gaelyn also follow my posts and comment on them, while "old" friends from our mining days like and comment on my posts as well.

Great was my surprise when I received a Whatsapp last evening. It was from an unknown number) and the message asked "where in the mountains is this cute little shop you advertise on Facebook?" I enlarged the profile photo and saw it was a  friend, Linda from Marquard. I've since changed my phone and didn't have her on my new contact list. 

I replied to her Whatsapp asking where they were staying in the Drakensberg. She said they were at Champagne Sports Resort which is opposite the shopping center and that they would be popping in this morning.

Linda's daughter, Mandie lived opposite us in Marquard Mandie's immediate neighbor was Trudie another good friend of mine. 

I was thrilled to see Mandie. Linda and Trudie at my shop earlier today. Mandie's little boy, Luke, dashed up to me, arms wide open and hugged me. I was touched that this little six-year-old remembered the old 'aunt' who lived near him until last year. 

Of course, we all had a wonderful chat and the ladies shopped for gifts in my shop as well. Even Luke; he bought a magnet with a lion on it for his granddad whose birthday it is tomorrow. He told me "My oupa will be 65 tomorrow" 

The weather has turned unbelievably cold and at last we've had good rains. When the mountain
s opened up (while my friends were visiting), they were covered with snow . Luke insisted I walk outside with him and see the big mountains full of snow! 

So precious. 
A few of the items which I advertised on Facebook this week 
A natural cream and a vitamin booster (and my resultant nails) which I advertised this week on Facebook 
Linda, moi and Trudi, happy to see each other after so long



  1. Hello, that is a nice surprise to hear from your friend. I am glad they visited you and your shop. Lovely ladies and photo. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  2. How wonderful to have old friends from Marquard drop by and see you. It's a lovely photo of the 3 of you ladies. You look like you could be sisters.

  3. I know you all had a wonderful time talking and talking about all that has happened since you were last together.

  4. Great you got to visit with old friends...and I must have missed that you have a shop now? Wonderful!

  5. It's good to get together with friends!

  6. It is good to catch up with friends. Good luck with your little shop.The items look attractive.


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