Monday, November 20, 2017

Me and my dog

We're still on the estate "squatting" in Steve and Estelle's one accommodation unit. I'll post about the building progress soon. 

Meanwhile, when I get home, it's kick off my smart sandals, don my walking shoes and (by this time Skabenga, is panting and whining next to me in the small space next to my bed),  we walk outside and onto the driveway. 

Oh, this is all after work. It happens again and again and again during the night. I can't think or remember who started this habit of walking at midnight, 2am, 3.30am and finally an official early morning walk at 5am! 

The driveway which leads through two other properties and to the veld beyond 
Yesterday I snapped a Reedbuck grazing in the distance 

Yip; I do this same walk about three time (minimum) during the night. I enjoy it. Skabenga loves it! 



  1. Gosh I am surprised you are up and walking during the night. i have been doing a lot of research about sleep recently and the importance of it and WHY it is so important for your health and well being and in a nutshell, you are outting your health at risk in the long term Jo. Personally I have made big chances to my sleeping habits on knowing more about sleep and the dangers of not having proper sleep.

  2. Hi Margaret, I hear where're you're coming from regarding sleep debt. I don't think this applies to me. We're in bed by 6.45pm and asleep by 8pm. So waking up six hours later, i've already had a good night's sleep. The walk in the fresh night air takes about eight minutes; Skabenga and I return to the shack. He flops down beside Grant's side of the bed; I get into my side of the bed and within minutes I am asleep. So obviously the fresh air is good for me and I am getting quality sleep (and enough of it!) Thanks for your concern. In my thirties I used to go to bed at 2am and would be awake at 6.45am. I suffered from sleep debt and eventually after five years I burnt out. That is when I started to go to bed and sleep early and get up early. I am up (officially) at 4.30am every day. It's just how my body clock works. No late nights for me but two hours after midnight and I'd slept out!

  3. Hello, you are a great mom to Skabenga taking him out for late night walks. Great shot of the pretty deer. Love the view of the driveway. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week!

  4. your sleep habits are like ours. we are asleep by 8 and since our time changed, our 4 am has changed to 3:30 am and that is when Jake goes out, us with him. we don't have your wonderful place to walk, but would if we could. at first I was concerened and then I saw your answer to Margaret and fully understand. early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. so they say.

  5. I miss walks with Molly. She was the greatest companion on earth. Those Labs rock.

  6. And why not?!! If you're up, go for it!

  7. It sounds like you're getting your rest. I can't imagine, other than times when I've been sick, being in bed by seven in the evening.

    The Reedbuck's quite a beautiful animal.

  8. Jo! I can't believe you go for all those walks in the middle of the night! Just looked at the Cave Inn. What a cool place....that pool is gorgeous too.


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