Thursday, November 9, 2017

Life on the Veranda!

Collette, here below owns the shop two doors from me. She sells cattle hides, leather goods (purses, wallets, belts and handbags); antique porcelain and glassware, handcrafted furniture and all manner of other items such as the hammock on which she's hanging ! 

As the centre was very quiet yesterday, we were standing on the sunny veranda chewing the fat. Collette decided to liven the place up and of course, I couldn't resist taking photos! 

She also has a refuge for stray cats and dogs. Earlier this week she brought a kitten to work - it's asleep in a basket in her shop today - and Charmaine (the lady in pink above) who manages the bottle store /off sales next door to me, is taking the little mite for her mum. 

Of course, I had to take photos! 



  1. The little kitten is very cute. However did your shop mate climb atop the bar? Did she scamper up the various bolts of cloth? I'd love to hang upside down like that to stretch my back but there is no way I could get up there.

    1. Hi Penny, she grabs hold of the middle cloth on either side and then swings her legs up and back backwards. In one fluid movement. She is very supple and her posture is excellent.

  2. Hello, love the photos Jo! The kitty is adorable. Happy Thursday to you! Enjoy the rest of your week!

  3. you have the perfect job, a great boss, wonderful people next door, a gorgeous place with a beautiful view. so glad you found all this. I could not do the upside down tricks with I was a child, let a lone now... the kitten is so sweet and glad she is going to a good home

  4. I've seen aerialists do that sort of thing here- it's fascinating!

    The kitty is a sweetie.

  5. She certainly livend it up !! The kittens are cute. Have a good day Diane

  6. She is quite the gymnast & put on a great show!
    That is such a sweet little kitten!

  7. Both Collette and the kitty look good. The kittie in Colette's arm makes for a very tender picture!

  8. It seems you have a lot of fun and your friend is like gum ! The kitten is so cute, isn't it too young to be separated by his mum ?


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