Saturday, November 18, 2017

Cave Critter

Some of you may know that I've started with vacation accommodation. The unit for rent as self-catering is a cave made out of rock. Steve, our good friend and the artist whose work I sell in the shop, built the cave for a Johannesburg businessman, Ian. He, in turn approached me to manage the hire for him.

It's a whole new ball game. Fortunately I have Estelle, Steve's wife who is helping me with bookings and ensuing guests. 

I've spent most of this week during quiet moments at the shop, setting up a website on AirBnB. At the moment we're living right next door to the accommodation. When we move into our little cottage on the hill, we'll be a few kilometers away but still available to check guests in when they arrive.

Meanwhile I was in the cave earlier this week and of course, Sir Skabenga the Lab had to accompany his mama. 

When we emerged, I checked around the top of the cave at the state of the garden and pool (which will be Grant's responsibility). Skabenga decided to test a couple of the shallow ponds at the same time.
 Part of the front of the cave 
 The top of the cave 
 The cave is adjacent to Ian's family home

 Head first into the water 
 This is so exciting! 

 I love lapping water while I plodge! 
The top of the cave with a deep rock pool for cooling down in

For anyone interested do click on my website link here - my unit is called Cave Inn 

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  1. I did not know it has a pool and did not know there are 3 caves. I looked at the site, loved all the pics and beds in the slide shows. do you only help with the one you live in or all 3 of them. I would stay there in a flash except for the fact you are about 10,000 miles away from me. I cant tell how happy it makes Skabenga... when do you move in the new home

  2. Hello, The cave looks like an awesome place to stay. So unique. I like the natural looking pool too. I think Skabenga enjoys the water too. I always enjoy seeing Skabenga. Great photos. Thank you so much for linking up and for your nice comment and visit. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend.

  3. wow

    what a cool place. I wanna go I wanna go

  4. Beautiful view and unique lodging. I'm sure it will appeal to the adventurous spirit yet have all the comforts of home.

  5. Always count on a dog to love to explore!

  6. It looks really inviting. As does the water...

  7. I would be very happy to live in a cave like that let alone holiday in it. Love it Diane

  8. Hi Jo!
    So beutiful and quiet... I didn't know... Do you have a guest house in South Africa? In what city?
    Nice weekend in your beautiful land!


  9. What an interesting accommodation. Good luck with your new venture. I would stay there in a wink if we could be bothered with long distant flights.

  10. The Cave looks awesome. I bet you'll stay busy.


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