Friday, October 10, 2008

Pudding, Fussy Feline

Breakfast in bed for Madame Pudding!

Pudding's choice!

Every evening as the sun begins to set, all eight cats that own me, come out of their hidey holes, down from the trees and away from under bushes where they stalk the unsuspecting garden birds during the day. They gather on the warm patio and wait in anticipation for the highlight of their day. A little treat of cookies which I tip into their respective feeding bowls.

However, Pudding, the second oldest cat, turns her nose up at whatever I put in front of her. First I present her with the Complete-balanced-nutrition-with- real-fish-nutritionally - complete-dry-cat-food.



In the second plate I tip a few grams of Adult – hydrated – cat – food – with -chicken-and-oyster-flavour-and added-oxidants-for -strong-nails-and-teeth. Guess what? Her little pink nose twitches over the bowl, I hold my breath...

Maybe this time?

Nope. Pudding turns her back on both offerings. By the look of her kitty body language, I'm sure she'd fold her arms if she could!

Capitulating completely, I place a third bowl in line for her: complete- and- even- nutrition- dry- cat- food ...

Viola! Pudding dips her head and daintily nibbles the cookies. And believe it or not, she gets up onto the step between the wash machine and the laundry cupboard, (which is the only place where she will eat!) and empties the other two bowls as well!
When my husband is around and sees this, he merely shakes his head and mutters ominously about this house being "five star hotel for cats" !

I’ve just remembered an e-mail I received a few weeks ago. You all know the type: one of those cutsey ones about cats. It said, among other things, that dogs have owners; cats have staff. At least I know where I stand...
Now I need a good night’s rest so that I can face this fastidious feline over breakfast in the morning!

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