Sunday, October 19, 2008


Plannning my hectic shedule for the day is very exhausting
Loads of printing to do on the secretary's day off
Corporate aerobics... mmm, very relaxing
Resting after a hard day at the office

Many years ago my husband and I owned a motor (service) garage in town. Early one winter’s morning, Tigger walked into our workshop. All 200grams of kitten; his wispy ginger fur all spiky, eyes huge in a tiny head. As small as he was, he decided to adopt us and the rest is history.

We often talk about his tenacious nature which stems from that early in his life. Tigger is 12 ½ years old but his perseverance is as strong today as it was then.

As I sit in front of my laptop and [try to] type, Tigger is draped across my left arm. No matter what I do (lift him off, flap a sheet of paper to frighten him or shout at him) Tigger stands (or in this case, ) lies his ground. Tigger always has to be CLOSE to me. On my arm as I work at my desk; on my lap (which I try to avoid), wherever I’m seated; on the printer, which exasperates hubby; ("that cat's ruining an expensive machine"), on my office chair (while I perch on the very edge); on my legs while I dangle off the end of bed at night...

Over the years I’ve tried to analyse this behaviour and all I can come up with is that Tigger suffered from separation anxiety before he found us in 1996 and still suffers from it.
Oh well, as long as one of us is happy and comfortable; it’s normally Tigger.


  1. Oh Jo, what a lovely post and an insight into Tigger's hectic daily schedule ! Thanks for sharing it with us and xxx's kisses for Tigger !

  2. Yes Lynda, according to the feline expert [books], cats normally sleep 22 hours a day, I wonder if Tigger beats that. Granted he is old and what else does he have to do except wake up for tasty treats! Thanks for vitising my blog. Jo xxx

  3. Oh-oh I forgot. Tigger says thanks for the kisses. Like many an old gentleman, he thrives on the odd bit of attention from lovely young ladies such as you. (ha-ha) Hugs Jo


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