Monday, October 13, 2008

Family Wedding Celebrations

The bride and groom before the wedding; here they were quite nervous!

This weekend my husband and I motored down to Durban the East Coast city of Kwa-Zulu Natal to attend a close family wedding. Now since I have two sons and both are married, who on earth could have got married? None other than my mother-in-law! Yes, at 80, she has married again. She has been widowed for twelve years and we are delighted that she has found love and happiness in her golden years.

My mother-in-law has never been an “old” woman. Even when I met my husband (while we were both at high school) and kids thought parents were middle-aged, my mother-in-law was not! She 'd attend school functions beautifully made-up, wearing a little black number, poised on stilettos and with her blonde hair in a fashionable chignon.

Well, last Friday, forty years later, was no different; she looked just as elegant and slim as I’ve always known her to be. (Still wearing stilletos!)

My mother-in-law poses with her youngest sister

Wedding vows

The wedding was conducted in the minister’s home. My mother-in-law's youngest sister also attended the ceremony. She is the matron of the Home for the Aged, where the happy couple met and fell in love. The husband and wife clergy shared the proceedings and afterwards we all enjoyed a lovely wedding tea in their home.

Old-marrieds (hubby and I) pose with the newly-weds!

A blessed day in our lives; we feel a lot more relaxed knowing my mother-in-law is being cared for by a man who loves her very much.


  1. How wonderful that your mother-in-law has found love again at her age & how elegant & poised she looks, too !

  2. Yes Lynda, I agree. We are very happy she has someone to care for her and be her companion at this stage of her life. And thanks, yes, she has always been elegant and an inspiration to me, especially in the kitchen! Hugs Jo xxx

  3. Your mother in law is stunning. You looked beautiful also.

  4. Thanks for your kind words, Hill upon Hill. I was the photographer and have a further post on this tomorrow. Thank you for reading my blog. Hugs Jo

  5. The bride is stunning and her groom is very handsome. I am inspired after hearing the story of your MIL; how great she looks and how she found love at her age.


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