Monday, October 20, 2008


Carina, pictured standing, with two friends at her birthday party

Birthday celebrations are just one of the events that keep us busy in a small town.

In a small farming community, contrary to what city people believe and ponder, there is always a lot to do. Apart from attending birthday parties ranging from fortieth to eightieth, I belong to the local “Home and Garden Club”. I’m also part of a women’s weekly dawn prayer hour (six women meet at my house for prayer) and part of a women’s weekly prayer walk where I meet with five other women and spend an hour walking through town and praying. I have spinning (exercise) classes four times a week and can expect to attend a variety of school, social and old age functions where I take photographs and about which I write articles for a provincial newspaper.

The past week was no different. Aside from the regular appointments, I also attended the birthday celebrations of a dear friend. Carina is not only one of my best friends, she is a spiritual sister as well. She is one of women with whom I do the weekly prayer walk; , she is my confidant when I have a personal issue to share; my springboard when I want to try a new idea; and the best friend to have on a shopping trip to the city. Carina and I have shared dressing rooms while trying on clothes in a boutique. Much giggling is done notwithstanding the fact that we're both grandmothers, and we tell each other honestly what the outfit looks like on!
Carina co-owns town's Nail Salon, with another dear friend of mine, so Carina is my personal manicurist as well! What more can a gal ask for...

On a serious note: I thank God for the day, more than fifteen years ago, when I met Carina.


  1. Jo, I think your life is so richly blessed with great friends because you are such a wonderful friend yourself !

  2. Awww thanks Lynda. You are a dear friend too. Hugs Jo


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