Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Trip in the Country

Even an ordinary shopping trip with my husband is fun

According to experts (and my husband) this drop top feature is the engineering feat of the twentieth century !

Our son demonstrates the extent of the adjustment to the passenger seat in his car. He could lean his arm out of the rear window while sitting in the front seat !

My husband is home on break. ("Break" is an expression expats use for, say, a three-week holiday after an eight-week working stint)

When hubby is home, life becomes a lot easier. Not only easier; a lot more interesting too. Take for instance, my monthly shopping trip. I travel 80km (50 miles) to a supermarket. To do this, I get into the car, I drive to the shop. I buy my groceries, I load them into the boot (trunk) of the car, I drive home.

In a word: B O R I N G!

My darling hubby, unlike many men, enjoys shopping. One thing though, he does it in style. Yesterday we decided to go shopping. When I walked out of the house, he was standing at the car door to let me in... the top (roof) was down. Seeing my raised my eyebrows, he said: “Darling, the weather is too beautiful to sit in an enclosed car!”

It WAS a wonderfully exhilarating trip.

A while ago on hubby’s previous leave, he decided to sell our 4X4 pickup truck and buy something more suitable to our age. Ha! He arrived home with this two-seater, drop top, convertible sports car. I almost fainted!

Over the months I've heard all about the wonderful features of this new addition in our lives. “Darling, if we drive at an average speed of x, our fuel consumption will be y”. “Darling, did you know that if we drive this car circumspectly, we only need to have it serviced within xxx kilometres?” Two days ago he told me that he’d been reading about this particular convertible roof/drop top design in a car magazine. The experts say that it is the best designed convertible roof of the 20th century. I must admit that even I, as a woman, am impressed with it. There is no windnoise when the top is up and absolutley NO leaks if it rains.

When hubby realised that I was going to do a blog post about his car today, he fetched the car magazine and began reading the article to me. (I think he wanted to make sure I had all the facts :) He reiterated the fact that the specific model he possesses is a lifestyle choice which many people ache to own. Mmm.

His love for indulgent travel has rubbed off on our younger son. Two weeks ago he bought a four-door luxury sedan in metallic silver. Now whenever he and his father get together, they compare notes on their respective cars. Just this afternoon our son showed us how far back the passenger seat could go. (See photo!)


Well, I have to end now as hubby has asked me to go for a drive while the sun is shining!

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